Why did JACS beat up Bea?

Why did JACS beat up Bea?

In “Something Dies”, Jacs has Bea beaten up because Bea begged her not to gang Franky. When Jacs gets Franky alone, Franky over powers her and breaks her hand on the weights. In “Mind Games”, it is shown into Jacs’ past. Jacs and Vinnie murdered a man who was going to carry out a hit on Vinnie on Brayden’s birthday.

What happened to JACS on Wentworth?

Bea kills Jacs (Season 1, Episode 12) Take that Jacs! Bea ended up exacting revenge on prisoner Jacs by stabbing her in the throat and killing her. As Bea was walked out of Jacs’ cell covered in blood, the other prisoners looked on in shocked horror. There was a new Top Dog walking and they all knew it.

Who killed JACS in Wentworth?

Bea Smith
Jacs had been in Wentworth for over 10 years serving time for murder. Jacs’ time in prison was rocky due to the in fighting between her and Franky Doyle. Jacs was set up for the murder of Meg Jackson after Liz planted evidence in her hand cream. Jacs was later killed by Bea Smith as revenge for her daughter’s death.

Do Bea and Franky become friends?

Bea quickly became friends with her cellmates, Liz, Doreen, Boomer and Franky, though her friendship with Franky was always a little uneasy due to Franky seeing her as potential competition for top dog. As a newcomer to prison, Bea defies Jacs on a couple of occasions without fully understanding the consequences.

Who killed Beas husband?

In the original series, Bea shoots and kills Harry in episode 2. In Wentworth, Harry’s death is not shown on-screen and he was killed by Nils Jesper instead of Bea.

Why did JACS have Debbie killed?

After her mother’s incarceration Debbie got used as a pawn against Bea by Jacs Holt and was therefore seduced by her son Brayden. When Bea prevented an attack on Franky, Jacs ordered Brayden to give Debbie a hot shot. Killing her instantly. This death then lead Bea to murder both Brayden and Jacs.

Is Wentworth good after Bea dies?

Bea was the central character in Wentworth until her exit at the end of Season 4….Bea Smith (Wentworth)

Bea Smith
Portrayed by Danielle Cormack
Duration 2013–2016
Status Deceased; murdered by Joan Ferguson
Crime(s) Attempted murder Manslaughter Murder Aggravated assault Drug Trafficking

Does Bea go to Debbie’s funeral?

Erica is unable to let Bea attend the funeral because she is on remand and a high risk inmate, so Will Jackson goes to the morgue and passes a message on to Debbie’s body for Bea. This is where we hear Will telling Debbie that Bea “loves her to the moon and back”.

Is Debbie Bea’s real daughter?

Debbie Smith was Bea’s daughter who dies about two years before episode 1 on Prisoner. Seen in mist-edged flashback as Bea visits her grave in (2).

Will Bea ever return to Wentworth?

Season 3. Bea is returned to Wentworth after being sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Brayden Holt. When she returns from her trial we find out that the Governor Joan Ferguson is taking away all the privileges even smoking.

  • August 11, 2022