Who won the most Premier League title?

Who won the most Premier League title?

Manchester United
Premier League titles won from 1889 to 2022, by club

Characteristic Number of titles
Manchester United 20
Liverpool FC 19
Arsenal FC 13
Everton FC 9

Who won the first Premier League 1992?

The league, replacing the old First Division and originally known as the FA Premier League, consisted of 22 clubs. Manchester United ended a 26-year-wait for a top-flight crown and became the inaugural Premier League champions by a margin of 10 points.

Who won the last 10 Premier League titles?

All-Time Premier League Winning Clubs 1992-93 to 2021-22

Season Winner Won
2009-10 Chelsea 27
2010-11 Manchester United 23
2011-12 Manchester City 28
2012-13 Manchester United 28

Who has won the most league titles?

Manchester United have won twenty titles, the most of any club.

Who’s the most successful club in England?

Summary totals

FIFA and UEFA Total
Club Cups Cups
Liverpool 10 28
Manchester United 6 23
Arsenal 2 19

Who won league in 1991?

On 6 May 1991, Arsenal were crowned champions after beating Manchester United 3–1 while title challengers Liverpool who finished second, lost 2–1 to Nottingham Forest.

Who won the Premier League 1994?

Blackburn Rovers
Blackburn win their maiden Premier League title to break Man Utd’s stranglehold. For the first time in the Premier League era, the trophy was not lifted by Manchester United as Blackburn Rovers ended their 81-year wait for the top-flight title.

Who Won Premier League 1989?

26 May 1989 – Arsenal win the league title in the final moments of the season thanks to a late goal from Michael Thomas against Liverpool which gives them a 2–0 away win. First Division top scorer Alan Smith had put Arsenal ahead earlier in the second half.

Who won league in 1990?

1990–91 Football League First Division

Season 1990–91
Champions Arsenal (10th English title)
Relegated Derby County Sunderland
1991–92 European Cup Arsenal
FA Cup winners 1991–92 European Cup Winners’ Cup Tottenham Hotspur (8th FA Cup title) Manchester United (defending champions)

Who won the 1996 Premier League?

Manchester United lifted the Premier League trophy for the fourth time in five seasons despite amassing the lowest points total of any champion in the Premier League era.

Has any player won all 5 leagues?

The only player who came close to five is probably Mateja Kezman, as the team he was part of did win the title, but he only made 6 appearances and presumably did not get a medal.

  • August 14, 2022