Who is luke from Thirteen?

Who is luke from Thirteen?

Kip Pardue
Thirteen (2003) – Kip Pardue as Luke – IMDb.

Who played Caroline in Thirteen?

Where have I seen Natasha Little before? Natasha Little is currently appearing as Caroline Langbourne in The Night Manager, but she also featured opposite Mark Rylance as Liz Cromwell in the BBC’s adaptation of Wolf Hall. She also featured alongside fellow Thirteen cast member Aneurin Barnard in We’ll Take Manhattan.

Who is birdie in Thirteen?

Sarah Clarke
Thirteen (2003) – Sarah Clarke as Birdie – IMDb.

Who is the main character in Thirteen?

Tracy Louise FreelandEvan Rachel WoodEvie ZamoraNikki ReedMason FreelandBrady CorbetNoelVanessa HudgensMelanie ‘Mel’ FreelandHolly HunterBrooke LaLaineDeborah Kara Unger

How old is Nikki Reed?

34 years (May 17, 1988)Nikki Reed / Age

Who plays Elliot 13?

Thirteen (TV Mini Series 2016) – Richard Rankin as DI Elliott Carne – IMDb.

Where was the movie Thirteen filmed?

Portola Middle School, 18720 Linnet St, Tarzana, California, USA (Taught there when it was filmed.)

Does Nikki Reed have her tongue pierced?

Only One Of The Stars Had A Real Tongue Piercing For the actresses who played the parts, Evan Rachel Wood used a fake piercing, but Nikki Reed’s was completely real.

Did Evie crush on Tracy?

Kate: Evie kept saying that she loved Tracy, and I felt like that wasn’t explored enough. I can understand Tracy’s feelings toward Evie more than I can Evie’s toward Tracy, because Tracy obviously looked up to Evie. Advertisement: Nikki: Evie was sexual with Tracy’s mom, Mel, too.

Did they actually smoke in Thirteen?

Although the girls are seen smoking, the cigarettes were made mostly with catnip.

Who is Nikki Reed married to?

Ian Somerhald…m. 2015Paul McDonaldm. 2011–2015
Nikki Reed/Spouse

Reed began dating actor Ian Somerhalder in mid-2014. They confirmed their engagement in February 2015, and married on April 26, 2015, in Malibu, California. On May 4, 2017, the couple announced via Instagram that Reed was pregnant with their first child.

What did Jodie Comer play?

Free Guy2021The Last Duel2021Star Wars: Episode IX ‑ The Rise o…2019Help2021Matilda2022Lady Chatterleys Lover2015
Jodie Comer/Appears in

Did Nikki Reed pierce her tongue?

Does Evan Woods have a child?

Jack Matfin BellEvan Rachel Wood / Children

Who is Jamie Bell married to?

Kate Maram. 2017Evan Rachel Woodm. 2012–2014
Jamie Bell/Spouse

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