Who has better stats Peyton Manning or Drew Brees?

Who has better stats Peyton Manning or Drew Brees?

Compared to Manning and Brees, he has the most passing attempts and touchdown passes before getting to 200 interceptions. For Manning, he had 7,214 attempts with 401 touchdowns, while Brees had 7,498 attempts with 410 touchdowns before their 200th career interception.

What are Drew Brees career stats?


2019 New Orleans Saints 2979
2018 New Orleans Saints 3992
2017 New Orleans Saints 4334
2016 New Orleans Saints 5208

Who is the better quarterback Eli or Peyton Manning?

Peyton has a higher TD-INT rate, more yards passing per game and a higher career quarterback rating. Peyton trumps Eli in just about every statistic there is. However, when you dig a little deeper, Peyton had built-in advantages that played a large role in achieving those significant numbers.

Which Manning has more rings?

Eli may have more rings and two Super Bowl MVP awards to Peyton’s one, but Peyton has 12 Pro Bowl trips to Eli’s three. Peyton has also been named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player a record four times and has a Comeback Player of the Year award on his mantle after last year.

What quarterback has the best stats of all time?

Career Regular Season Statistics

Name Games QB Rating
Elway, John 234 79.9
Manning, Peyton 266 96.5
Marino, Dan 242 86.4
Montana, Joe 192 92.3

Who has more rings Eli or Peyton?

Who are the 4 quarterbacks to beat all 32 teams?

The win over the Patriots means that Brady has now joined a very exclusive club: He became just the fourth QB in NFL history to defeat all 32 teams. Besides Brady, the only quarterbacks who have pulled off the feat are Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

  • August 21, 2022