Who did the crossroads theme song?

Who did the crossroads theme song?

Crossroads (British TV series)

Opening theme Tony Hatch
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of episodes Original series: 4,510 Revived series: 320 Total: 4,830

What was the theme tune for Howards Way?

Always There – Vocal
Always There – Vocal Theme from the Original TV Series “Howards’ Way” – song by Marti Webb, Simon May | Spotify.

When did the original Crossroads start?

November 2, 1964Crossroads / First episode date

What happened Howards Way?

The series suffered the tragic loss of its leading actor when Maurice Colbourne, who played Tom Howard, died of a heart attack in 1989 aged just 49. Episodes of the fifth series were hurriedly rewritten to explain the character’s absence before finally killing him off at the beginning of the sixth and final series.

Who wrote Howards Way?

Gerard Glaister Allan

Howards’ Way
Main title caption
Genre Drama
Created by Gerard Glaister Allan Prior

What is the longest running soap in the UK?

The UK’s Coronation Street holds the official Guinness World Record for being the longest running/oldest television soap opera in history. Coronation Street first premiered in 1960 and has since aired over 10,000 episodes.

Why was Crossroads Cancelled?

The show, which was reinstated in 2001 after a 13-year hiatus, is being cancelled because of poor ratings. The final episode saw the Crossroads hotel boss Angel (Jane Asher) realise her job had all been a dream – as she returned to her real-life job as a supermarket checkout assistant in Birmingham called Angela.

How was Tom Howard written out of Howards Way?

Who played Orin in Howards Way?

Ryan Michael played Orrin in Season 2. He’s British, now works mainly in the US as Michael Ryan.

Where was Howard’s Way set?

The series deals with the personal and professional lives of the wealthy yachting and business communities in the fictional town of Tarrant on the south coast of England, and was filmed on the River Hamble and the Solent.

Was Howards Way filmed in Lymington?

The giant ‘gin palace’ motor cruisers summed up the conspicuous consumption and flashy wealth of the 80s – the marina scenes in Howards’ Way were filmed around Hamble and Lymington.

Who wrote Ski Sunday?


Title Release date
i Ski Sunday (Pop Looks Bach) 1982
i Ski Sunday (Pop Looks Bach) 1988
i Pop Goes Bach (Ski Sunday) 1992
i Ski Sunday (Pop Looks Bach) 1997
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