Who are the main character of the story Makato and the cowrie shell?

Who are the main character of the story Makato and the cowrie shell?

Makato – he is the protagonist; he was a poor orphan boy.

Who is Makatao in the story?

Terms in this set (5) Who is Makato in the story? Makato is an orphan boy. He is hardworking, cheerful, good tempered, and sensible.

What were Makato’s work?

Makato helped the mahout find food for the elephants and clean out the elephant sheds. He worked hard and well and the mahout and his wife were fond of him.

What did Makoto do with the cowrie shell that he got from the king?

He made good use of the cowrie shell given to him by the king. He put up a large farm of lettuce. He bought more cowrie shells and later sold them to the king.

What is the plot of Makato and cowrie shell?

The cowrie shell fell from the King. Makato picked up the cowrie shell and gave it back to the King but the King said to him that he may keep it. He used the cowrie shell to buy lettuce seeds. When he harvested the lettuce he gave some of them to the King and the King was pleased to him.

What is the conflict or problem in the story explain your answer?

Conflict in a story is a struggle between opposing forces. Characters must act to confront those forces and there is where conflict is born. If there is nothing to overcome, there is no story. Conflict in a story creates and drives the plot forward.

What is characteristic of Makatao?

Being a MakaTao would simply means by respecting each other’s rights and opinions regardless of the existing differences in between. Filipinos are naturally kind, gentle, generous, hospitable, hardworking, obedient and polite which made a great impact to the world.

Why is Makakalikasan important?

It also aims to inculcate in learners the importance of planting and conserving indigenous and endemic tree and plant species and their role in the ecosystem through the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization, the Supreme Pupil Government, and the Supreme Student Government.

Does Makato succeed in life?

Answer Expert Verified Courage, perseverance, wit and honesty contributed to Makato’s success. He showed how honest he was when he attempted to return the cowrie shell, which was used as money in Sukhothai, to the King. The combination of all of these traits considerably led to Makato’s outstanding success in life.

What is the meaning of Khun Wang?

Khun Wang (ขุนวาง) or Khoom Vav (as written in Hmong RPA) is a small hilltribe village consist of mostly Hmong apart from the few government-hired employees working in mostly agricultural development organizations. The locals speak a dialect of the Hmong language which is not intelligible to the Thai.

What is character in a story?

A character is any animate figure within a story. A character’s development speaks of the depth and complexity of a character. It’s possible that a character starts out thoroughly developed, or it may be that the author chooses to slowly develop that character as the plot unfolds.

What type of character contends with the main character?

Antagonist – The antagonist is the character(s) (or situation) that represents the opposition against which the protagonist must contend. In other words, the antagonist is an obstacle that the protagonist must overcome.

How do you get Makadiyos?


  1. Engages oneself in worthwhile spiritual activities. a. Member of any religious groups that is organized in the school.
  2. Respects sacred places. a.
  3. Respects religious beliefs of others. a.
  4. Demonstrates curiosity and willingness to learn about other ways to express spiritual life.

What are the values of Makadiyos?

The Values of Being Maka-Diyos God becomes our refuge when we experience problems. We draw our strengths from our faith. “Bahala na ang Diyos” is the ultimate expression of our faith in the Supreme Being. Our spirituality makes us invoke divine presence or intervention at nearly every bend of our journey.

How do you become a Makatao?

What is being Maka Bansa?

MAKA-BANSA Demonstrates pride in being a Filipino, exercises the rights and responsibilities of a Filipino Citizen. 1. Identifies oneself as a Filipino. a. Able to read and speak the Filipino language fluently.

What was Makato’s greatest dream?

What is Makato’s dream for his future? He wanted to try his luck in a faraway land and engage into an adventure.

What do you mean by Khun Wang?

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