Who are the characters in Anything Goes?

Who are the characters in Anything Goes?

Reno SweeneyBilly CrockerSir Evelyn OakleighHope HarcourtMrs. Evangeline HarcourtElisha J. Whitney
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Who was in the original Anything Goes?

Notable casts

Character Original Broadway (1934) Broadway revival (2011)
Billy Crocker William Gaxton Colin Donnell
Moonface Martin Victor Moore Joel Grey
Hope Harcourt Bettina Hall Laura Osnes
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh Leslie Barrie Adam Godley

Who plays Erma in Anything Goes?

News Broadway’s Anything Goes Gets a New “Erma” Starting June 19 Joyce Chittick, the busy New York musical theatre actress who created the role of Virtue in Broadway’s Anything Goes, steps into the role of Erma — who happens to get the show’s 11-o’clock number, “Buddie Beware” — June 19-July 29.

Is Ethel Merman dead?

February 15, 1984Ethel Merman / Date of death

Why was Megan Mullally replaced in Anything Goes?

Foster won one of her Tonys playing the same role on Broadway in 2011 under Marshall’s guidance and was making her West End debut, a dream she had long held. She replaced Megan Mullally, who had to withdraw from the show due to an injury.

Who is Billy Crocker in Anything Goes?

BILLY CROCKER – A young businessman who is in love with Hope, he charismatic and charming. Strong singing required and should be able to dance or move well. VOCAL RANGE: Baritone/Tenor. LORD EVELYN OAKLEIGH – Hope’s energetic, quirky, and good-natured aristocratic fiancé.

What is the protagonist’s name?

Names connect readers to stories This means the name of your protagonist is the name your reader associates with the connection to your story—this is the person they’re going to follow through to the end, and what they’re called matters.

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