Which SA Botswana border posts are open?

Which SA Botswana border posts are open?

South Africa – Botswana Border Posts

South Africa Border Post Opening Hours Contact Number
Pont Drift – Mashatu 07:00 – 16:00 015-575 1056
Tlokweng Gate – Kopfontein 06:00 – 00:00 018-365 9055
Ramotswa – Swartkoppie 06:00 – 22:00 018-365 9010
Pioneer Gate – Skilpadshek 06:00 – 00:00 018-366 0011

Which border posts to Namibia are open?

South Africa / Namibia Border post times:

  • Ariamsvlei / Nakop – Open 24 hours a day.
  • Klein Menasse – Open 08:00 – 22:00.
  • Noordoewer / Vioolsdrif – Open 24 hours.
  • Aroab / Rietfontein – Open 08:00 – 16: 00.
  • Velloorsdrif / Onseepkans – Open 08:00-22:00.
  • Mata Mata – 08:00 – 16:30.
  • Trans Kalahari (Buitepos) / Mamuno – 07:00 – 24:00.

What do I need to cross the Botswana border?

Botswana Border Posts – Procedures

  1. Documents Required: Valid passport. Original vehicle registration papers:
  2. Border Charge: Road Transport Permit – P40. National Road Safety – P20 – valid for a calendar year (up to 31 December) P20 will also be charged on a trailer.
  3. Currency: Pula (BWP)

Is the border between South Africa and Namibia open?

Namibia is the first of the SADC countries to open its borders to international tourists. With the warmth of spring heating things up in Southern Africa, we have the first GOOD NEWS for Volunteers looking at making a change in Africa. Namibia has opened its borders to visitors!

How long can a South African stay in Namibia?

Visa requirements: No visa required for South Africans with a valid passport for stays of up to 120 days. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months and have at least 2 blank pages.

Is quarantine mandatory in Botswana?

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS INTO BOTSWANA FROM COVID-19 HIGH BURDEN AREAS. undertake mandatory quarantine at a site selected by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, for a period not exceeding 10 days at their own cost with immediate effect.

Who is Beitbridge named after?

Alfred Beit
History. The original Alfred Beit Bridge, which now only carries rail traffic, was completed in 1929 by Dorman Long. Named after Alfred Beit, the gold and diamond magnate, it cost $600,000 and was opened by the Earl of Athlone on 31 August 1929.

What language is spoken in Beitbridge?

The majority of people who live in areas surrounding clinics and district hospitals in Chiredzi South and Beitbridge speak Xitsonga, Tshivenda respectively.

Do you need PCR test to enter South Africa?

What are the requirements for travellers travelling to South Africa by air? All travellers landing at these airports must present a PCR test which is not older than 72 hours from the time of departure from the country of origin to South Africa.

Can you pay with Rand in Botswana?

Botswana Banks accepts the following foreign currencies: US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euro and South African Rands in cash.

Do South African citizens need a PCR test?

Yes, all travellers from Africa will have to produce a 72-hour old PCR test at all ports of entry.

Can a South African buy property in Namibia?

South African passport holders get a visa on entry into Namibia and can stay for up to 120 days. The Namibia currency is pegged to the SA Rand which you can use in the country. South Africans are free to buy residential property in the country.

Can I use my South African drivers Licence in Namibia?

Can I use my South African drivers Licence in Namibia? To drive a vehicle in Namibia, you need a valid driving licence and must carry it with you when you are driving. If your driver’s licence is not printed in English, it is advisable to travel with an International Driver’s Licence.

What happens if you test positive in Botswana?

You are waiting for results of a COVID-19 test. If your test comes back positive while you are at your destination, you will need to isolate and postpone your return until it’s safe for you to travel. Your travel companions may need to quarantine.

How long is quarantine in Botswana?

You will be quarantined for 14 days and will only be allowed to go home at the end of the set dates.

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