Where is Parexel based?

Where is Parexel based?

Durham, North Carolina

Type Private
Headquarters Durham, North Carolina, U.S. Newton, Massachusetts, U.S.
Number of locations 84+ facilities in 51+ countries
Key people CEO: Jamie Macdonald
Services clinical trial management, data management, medical writing, biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, regulatory consulting

What type of company is Parexel?

Clinical Research Organization
About Parexel: A Clinical Research Organization (CRO) | Parexel.

Who is owner of Parexel?

Global clinical research organization PAREXEL International has agreed to be taken over from Pamplona Capital Management for $8.5 billion. Upon completion of the merger, Parexel will be owned by EQT IX Fund and the private equity business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Is Parexel a pharma company?

For over 35 years, Parexel and its clients, the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, have shared a crucial mission: to prevent and cure disease by delivering important new medicines and therapies to the patients who need them.

Is Parexel a good company?

PAREXEL is a good company to start out at. The flexibility is second to none. The benefits are great and the people are nice. It is hard to get promoted and get a job in a different department.

Is Parexel private?

Four years after a private equity acquisition took Parexel private, the contract research organization is being acquired by two private equity firms for $8.5 billion. It’s the latest in a series of acquisitions to hit the CRO sector this year.

Is Parexel a good company to work for?

Does Parexel give bonuses?

Parexel has a compensation and benefits rating of 3.7. If you want to know how much Parexel employees make, head to their Salaries page to see a list of salaries per occupation, along with bonuses. All answers shown come directly from Parexel Reviews and are not edited or altered.

Is parexel a good company?

Is Parexel now Calyx?

Contract research organization (CRO) Parexel announced on Jan. 11, 2021 that the company completed a strategic separation of its Informatics and Medical Imaging business, which has been established as a new company named Calyx.

Is Parexel a CRO?

31 May, 2021. IQVIA, Syneos Health, ICON, and Parexel are some of the world’s largest global clinical research organizations (CROs). These are full service global CROs with offices spread all around the world and capable of managing both small and large clinical trials across all therapeutic areas.

What is Parexel called now?

Is Calyx and Parexel same?

Calyx will be privately held by the same ownership group that has owned Parexel since 2017. “Today’s announcement marks a significant milestone as we further position Parexel to expect accelerated growth and performance as a top-tier CRO,” said Jamie Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer of Parexel.

Why did Calyx separate from Parexel?

“We believe the separation will provide Calyx the opportunity to prioritize investments in technology development, customer delivery and customer relationships while enabling the Parexel corporate business to strengthen its focus on the delivery of innovative clinical development solutions that reinforce our patients- …

  • October 29, 2022