Where do you meet Elliot again Fable 3?

Where do you meet Elliot again Fable 3?

To find the quest, you can find Elise/Elliot in front of the orphanage/brothel in Bowerstone Industrial. If Elise/Elliot are not found in front of the orphanage, they may be found in The Riveter’s Rest.

Can you save Elliot Fable 3?

If the princess chooses to have the crowd leaders killed instead, Elliot will tell her that it should be him instead. If the Hero takes too long to choose, then Logan will keep his word and has them all killed. If spared, Elliot will be taken away and will not be seen again for some time.

Where is Riveters rest in Fable 3?

Bowerstone Industrial
The Riveter’s Rest is a tavern located in Bowerstone Industrial in Fable III. During the quest The Debt, the gambler Alan can be found here. The rare book “Famous Killers: Terence Posture” is located on a table at the rear of the building.

Should I marry Elise in Fable 3?

If you choose to tell her to come back to you, she will tell Laszlo she loves him, but after three in-game days, she appears outside the orphanage/brothel, in the quest “A Lost Romance”, in which you must marry her. It doesn’t affect on gameplay, except that she will be your wife.

Can you marry Reaver Fable 3?

Seeing as he is a unique character, it is not possible to be romantically linked to him. In Fable III, despite the fact that Reaver shot Barnum over 50 years before, Reaver still received the (apparently bloodstained) photograph.

Can you have 2 wives in Fable 3?

The only restriction is you can only have one spouse per property you own in a city. That said, if you have more than one marriage in the same city, all spouses you have in that city will be quickly looking for a divorce.

Should I marry Alex Fable 2?

Giving Alex the rejection note is—surprise! —the evil choice in this dilemma, and marrying her/him is the good choice. Either way, return to Victor/Victoria to complete the quest. You’ll earn 100 renown points for the deed, leaving you with just a handful to earn in order to impress the abbot.

Can you marry Jade DQ 11?

For a list of who you can marry: Gemma. Jade. Rab.

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