Where do the away fans sit at Crystal Palace?

Where do the away fans sit at Crystal Palace?

Away are housed on one side of the Arthur Wait Stand, towards the Whitehorse Lane End, where just over 2,000 away supporters can be seated.

How many fans do Crystal Palace have?

As for Crystal Palace fans, their 19 Premier League matches in 2016/17 saw 478,052 paying fans at matches.

Is Selhurst Park covered?

Facilities available at Selhurst Park: All paces are fully air-conditioned. Cloakrooms.

What time do the players arrive at Selhurst Park?

The Reds will arrive at Selhurst Park on Sunday (16:00 BST kick-off) knowing that a win in our final outing of 2021/22 will definitely be enough to secure a place in next season’s Europa League.

Who shared Selhurst Park?


Selhurst Park Stats
Pitch Size 100 x 67 (6700)
Owner CPFC 2010
Clubs Hosted Crystal Palace, Charlton Athletic, Wimbledon
First Fixture Crystal Palace v Sheffield Wednesday (30/08/1924)

What does Stripey Nigel mean?

Crystal Palace fans are known as ‘Stripey Nigels’ to their rivals because they are portrayed and perceived as boring.

Can I take a bag into Selhurst Park?

Supporters can bring a bag/backpack (small enough to fit under their seat) into the stadium, subject to a full search at the turnstiles. Alternatively, luggage can be left for free at the Information Centre which is located at Entrance 9.

Does Nigel mean black?

The name Nigel is primarily a male name of English origin that means Champion Or Black.

Why do Millwall call Palace fans Nigels?

Who has the biggest fanbase in England?

Manchester United
Manchester United have over 75 million followers on Facebook and are by far the most popular team….Related Content.

# 01
Football Team Manchester United
Number of Fans 75,012,095
Titles 20

Is Penge posh?

A resident wrote: “The word ‘Penge’ comes from an old anglo-saxon term meaning ‘the end of the woods where the pigs are fed’. “Upon arriving at Penge from Westwood Hill, you will notice a large row of very posh looking houses lining the edge of the renowned Crystal Palace Park.

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