Where do I go to file for divorce in Wayne County?

Where do I go to file for divorce in Wayne County?

The Family Division processes divorce and custody cases as well as other family matters including Personal Protection Orders (PPOs) and are filed manually. In accordance with the directive of the Third Circuit Court, all motions in domestic relations cases must be filed in the Office of the Wayne County Clerk.

How do I file a motion in Wayne County Michigan?

Your motion must first be filed with the Wayne County Clerk before the Friend of the Court will schedule a hearing. The original, plus four copies of the motion and any additional sheets you have attached. A copy of the current court order you wish to change; if applicable.

How do I find public records in Michigan?

You can find documents filed by Michigan-registered businesses under the respective law at the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Alternatively, you can request the record you need directly from the Corporations Division by phone, fax or mail.

Can I file for divorce without a lawyer in Michigan?

It is possible to get a divorce in Michigan without using a lawyer as long as you meet all requirements for an uncontested divorce. You and your spouse must agree on all parts of the settlement, including asset division, alimony, child custody and support and all other related matters.

How do I file a motion in court in Michigan?

You file a motion by completing the form and filing it with the same court that signed the default entry or default judgment. There is a $20 motion fee for filing a motion to set aside default.

How do I file a motion response in Michigan?

File your Motion and the copies with the court clerk’s office in the court where your case was heard. File a copy of the proposed order with your Motion. You can file your forms in person or by mailing your Motion and the copies to the court. The clerk will give you a hearing date and time when you file your Motion.

Are divorces public record in Michigan?

Yes. Michigan divorce records are classified as public information under the Michigan FOIA. Ergo, interested persons may order divorce records unless access to the vital record is restricted by law or court order.

How long do you have to be separated to get a divorce in Michigan?

Every divorce in Michigan has a 60-day waiting period, and a divorce with minor children has a 6-month waiting period.

  • September 6, 2022