When was NYS started in Kenya?

When was NYS started in Kenya?

in 1964
Kenya NYS was established in 1964 through an Act of parliament to train young people to be patriotic, self-reliant and self-disciplined. In 2019, the NYS was transformed from a State Department to a fully-fledged semi-autonomous state corporation after enactment of NYS Act 2018 by the Kenyan Parliament.

What is the work of NYS?

National Youth Service (NYS) is a Governmental Organisation that was formed in 1964 whose main aim is to train young people on National matters. It mentors youths through: 1. National Building Programmes.

Where is the NYS located in Kenya?

NYS Technical Training Institute Naivasha is one of the National Youth Service training institution located at Nakuru County, Naivasha Sub-County, along North Kinangop, 14kms from the Naivasha-Nakuru Highway.

How much is NYS salary?

The salaries range from Ksh30,000 to Ksh60,000. The jobs advertised have impressive benefits such as house, commuter and leave allowances that range from Ksh4,000 to Ksh6,000.

When was National Youth Service established?

May 22, 1973, NigeriaNational Youth Service Corps / Founded

Who started NYS in Kenya?

Geoffrey Griffin
National Youth Service (Kenya)

Abbreviation NYS
Formation 1964
Founder Geoffrey Griffin
Type Non-combatant Paramilitary and Civilian volunteer organisation
Purpose Youth mentor-ship

Can I join KDF through NYS?

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) should conduct recruitment exercises at National Youth Service (NYS) to recruit youths to join KDF from NYS.

What is the history of NYSC?

History. NYSC was created on 22 May 1973 as an avenue for the reconciliation, reconstruction, and rebuilding of the nation after the civil war.

How was NYSC created?

The NYSC scheme was created in a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war. The unfortunate antecedents in our national history gave impetus to the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps by decree No.

Who is Matilda Sakwa?

NYS CEO Matilda Sakwa (right) being welcomed at the Yatta field station in Machakos County on June 3, 2022. She has revealed that she faces a tough task of dealing with numerous requests for tenders since she was confirmed as the first-ever female service commander.

Which is the lowest rank in KDF?

In this first segment, we look at the KDF’s Commissioned Officers. The lowest rank among officers is that of a Second Lieutenant (2Lt) attained upon commissioning from the Kenya Military Academy while the highest rank is that of a General, (four-star).

Why was NYSC created?

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