What size turntable belt do I need?

What size turntable belt do I need?

To select the correct size belt measure the diameter (the distance across not around) the subplatter. This will usually be in the range 140mm to 210mm. Then choose the belt size just below the measurement. eg if the diameter is 198mm, choose a 195 belt.

What happened to dual turntables?

Dual went bankrupt in 1982, and was sold to French electronic manufacturer Thomson SA. In 1988, Thomson sold Dual to German manufacturer Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG.

How often should you replace a turntable belt?

We recommend to replace the belt every year or at least every two years. This does not necessarily have something to do with how often you are using your turntable, because even if you do not play re- gularly, it can dry out. The platter bearing is important for the correct speed and overall lifetime of the turntable.

How often do you need to replace a turntable belt?

But how long should your turntable belt last? Most belt-drive turntables utilize a rubber-based closed loop belt that typically lasts up to 5 years or so. The lifespan of the belt is determined by its quality, tightness, elasticity, and use. With no use, a belt will last 5-6 years in typical conditions.

Can a turntable belt be too tight?

We most often recommend having your turntable belts tighter rather than loose. However, we always remind other audiophiles that having turntable belts too tight may damage your equipment, so make sure you are going on the right track.

How often should I oil my turntable?

Bearing Lubrication You should continually check up if there is oil on the axle. In any case, it is a good idea to renew the lubri- cation after 3 years at the latest. We offer LUBE IT for all turntables with a classical bearing where the axle is mounted on the platter or sub-platter and the bushing is in the chassis.

How much does it cost to replace a record player belt?

Most turntable replacement belts cost under $20, an inexpensive fix. Before you think your record player is done for good, see if replacing the turntable belt makes a difference.

  • August 15, 2022