What kind of cheese is Epoisses?

What kind of cheese is Epoisses?

Époisses is a pungent soft-paste cows-milk cheese. Smear-ripened, “washed rind” (washed in brine and Marc de Bourgogne, the local pomace brandy), it is circular at around either 10 cm (3.9 in) or 18 cm (7.1 in) in diameter, with a distinctive soft red-orange color. It is made either from raw or pasteurized milk.

What does Epoisses taste like?

taste: Like other washed-rind cheeses, Époisses smells stronger than it tastes; its flavors are garlicky, fruity, mushroomy, with a touch of barnyard and just a little animal.

How do you eat Epoisses cheese?

When served at the proper temperature, Epoisses has a thick, creamy mouthfeel, and the rind barely distinguishes itself from the cheese. I like to eat my Epoisses on a good, crusty bread (I usually use a sourdough). It does well accompanied by apples, pears and a good white wine or even baked.

What type of cheese is fromage?

Fromage Blanc is a fresh cheese that can be made with any milk type but is most commonly made with cow’s milk. It comes in many varieties, including Vermont Creamery Fromage Blanc that is non-fat and Cowgirl Creamery Fromage Blanc that has fat (but still less fat than cream cheese, they note).

Is Époisses safe to eat?

Époisses is eaten at room temperature, and it’s measured in runny spoonfuls and mouth-coating schmears. It reeks, but the smell is a poor indicator of flavor: The cheese is silky and creamy, verging on mild, with a funky meatiness that calls to mind the love child of a dry-aged steak and nutty-sweet jamón Ibérico.

How long is Époisses aged?

The cheese must be ripened for at least four weeks before it can be sold as Époisses, but a producer may wait another ten to twelve days or count on the further evolution that occurs during distribution. And some people prefer the cheese while a noncreamy heart remains.

Are Époisses illegal?

CNN/Money: Banned in the USA. The USDA strictly bans the import of unpasteurized, raw-milk cheeses, less than 60 days old, like Epoisse. The regulators are concerned over potential outbreaks of listeria caused by infected dairy products.

How do you eat Époisses?

Are Epoisses illegal?

What is the most eaten cheese in France?

Emmental. Also known as “Swiss cheese” is a yellow, medium-hard cheese that comes from Swiss. It has a savory but mild taste. It is the most consumed cheese in France.

What is the king of French cheese?

In France, Roquefort is often called the “King of Cheeses” or the “Cheese of Kings”, although those names are also used for other cheeses.

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