What is the story behind the Downeaster Alexa?

What is the story behind the Downeaster Alexa?

The song is sung in the persona of an impoverished fisherman off Long Island and the surrounding waters who, like many of his fellow fishermen, is finding it increasingly hard to make ends meet and keep ownership of his boat, a type known as a downeaster.

Did Billy Joel live in Cold Spring Harbor?

11. “He lived on Cold Spring Harbor,” Joel said, “and I lived [on the peninsula of] Lloyd Neck,” in the Huntington hamlet of Cold Spring Harbor.

What movies has Billy Joel been in?

Billy Joel: Uptown GirlOliver & Company1988Billy Joel: New York State of Mi…The Last Play at Shea2010We Are The World: The Story Behi…1985Sesame Street: Do the Alphabet1995
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What year did Downeaster Alexa come out?

1989The Downeaster ‘Alexa’ / Released

Is The Downeaster Alexa real?

Joel’s boat captain at the time told Songfacts: “The ‘downeaster’ referred to is merely a style of lobster type fishing boat used widely throughout the northeastern United States. It was not invented by any one company or person. It describes a boat built in, or in the style of those built in, ‘downeast Maine.

Does Billy Joel have a girlfriend?

Billy Joel married girlfriend Alexis Roderick in a surprise ceremony at the couple’s annual Fourth of July party. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo presided over Saturday’s nuptials at Joel’s Long Island estate, the singer’s spokeswoman Claire Mercuri said.

Was Cold Spring Harbor recorded wrong speed?

–Due to a technical error, the Cold Spring Harbor master tapes were transferred to vinyl at the wrong speed, making Billy sound, he said, “like a chipmunk.” It was finally remastered in 1983, but Billy still thinks he sounds like a chipmunk.

How old was Billy Joel when Cold Spring Harbor came out?

He had originally signed the 22-year-old Joel to a ten-record contract that stripped Joel of all rights to the original tapes and to the publishing rights to all current and future songs.

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