What is the root word of myelitis?

What is the root word of myelitis?

History and Etymology for myelitis borrowed from New Latin (in German context), from Greek myelós “bone marrow” + New Latin -itis -itis — more at myelo-

What is myelitis?

TM can happen around your spinal cord in any region along your spine. The term “myelitis” means inflammation of the spinal cord. “Transverse” refers to the pattern of changes in sensation and function — there’s often a band-like sensation across the trunk of your body in TM, with sensory changes below that band.

What is viral myelitis?

Acute viral myelitis can present as acute flaccid paralysis (poliomyelitis) or neurologic dysfunction due to involvement of the white matter. The latter usually affects only part of the transverse expanse of the spinal cord and manifests as asymmetric motor and sensory symptoms.

How is myelitis treated?


  1. Intravenous steroids. You’ll probably receive steroids through a vein in your arm over the course of several days.
  2. Plasma exchange therapy.
  3. Antiviral medication.
  4. Pain medication.
  5. Medications to treat other complications.
  6. Medications to prevent recurrent attacks of transverse myelitis.

How many types of myelitis are there?

There are two main types: acute partial transverse myelitis (APTM) and acute complete transverse myelitis (ACTM). In APTM, the inflammation typically extends only partway across the spinal cord.

What causes myelitis?

It is often difficult to know whether direct viral infection or a post-infectious response causes the transverse myelitis. Bacterial infections such as syphilis, tuberculosis, actinomyces, pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria,and Lyme disease.

What types of myelitis are there?

Is myelitis curable?

No effective cure currently exists for transverse myelitis, although many people recover from it. Treatments focus on relieving the inflammation that causes the symptoms. Some people might need to be hospitalized at first if the symptoms are severe enough.

  • October 3, 2022