What is the movie Searching for Sugar Man about?

What is the movie Searching for Sugar Man about?

Though he faded into obscurity in the US, an early 1970s musician known as Rodriguez became a huge hit in South Africa and was widely rumoured to have died. Two obsessed fans set out to learn the man’s true fate.Searching for Sugar Man / Film synopsis

Was Rodriguez real?

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez (born July 10, 1942), known professionally as Rodriguez, is an American singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan….Sixto Rodriguez.

Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, guitarist
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 1967–1973, 1979–1981, 1998–present

Is Sixto Rodriguez married?

Konny RodriguezRodriguez / Spouse (m. 1984)

Is Sixto Rodriguez rich?

Sixto Rodriguez Net Worth: Sixto Rodriguez is an American folk musician who has a net worth of $5 million.

Where is Sixto Rodriguez today?

Now, ahead of his 80th birthday next month, we can reveal that Rodriguez has finally been paid the royalties he was owed and – after decades of living hand to mouth – he has made enough money to retire. But he still lives in the same modest house in Detroit and refuses to let his fame go to his head.

How did they find Rodriguez?

By the late 1970s, Australian concert promoters tracked down Rodriguez in Detroit. He arrived in Australia with his two teenage daughters for a 15-date tour in early 1979. “He was just stunned by what we put together for him,” promoter Michael Coppel told Billboard at the time.

Who ripped off Rodriguez?

From Detroit Free Press Two years after an Oscar-winning film raised questions about royalties for Sixto Rodriguez, a copyright and fraud lawsuit has been filed against Clarence Avant, who signed the Detroit singer to a record deal more than four decades ago.

Who found Rodriguez?

Is Sugar Man Rodriguez still alive?

Everyone knew his albums, and everyone knew that Rodriguez was completely dead.” “Sugar Man” was featured on Rodriguez’s debut album, Cold Fact.

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