What is the main message of war by Edwin Starr?

What is the main message of war by Edwin Starr?

This a song lyric from a song called War written by Edwin Starr. In this song he talks about the horrors of war and the meaninglessness of everyone’s deaths. He elaborates on lives lost and the ruined lives of generations to come because of the meaningless violence.

Is war by Edwin Starr a pro war song?

This is a protest song about the Vietnam War, although it makes a broader statement of the need for harmony in our everyday lives. “War” was one of the first Motown songs to make a political statement.

When was war by Edwin Starr written?

Barrett StrongNorman Whitfield

What is the tone of the song War?

Tone: Starr is exceptionally impassioned to have the government withdraw forces from Vietnam and, in the bigger context, for all war to come to an end. Starr castigates the nature and effects of fighting a war and urges mankind to resolve its disagreements in a peaceful way.

Why was so much music written about the Vietnam War?

Songs that spoke directly to the war were proof that people were talking about this cataclysmic event, and a way to safely express the ambivalence that many in the field felt. Even songs that weren’t directly about the war — like “Chain of Fools” — could take on new meaning in Vietnam.

Why did Edwin Starr song war?

But, concerned about its effect on the group’s middle American following, Tamla boss Berry Gordy decided it was too risky for the Temptations, so Whitfield brought War to Starr. His almost hoarse vocal tone and energetic, emphatic performance caught the public mood. The song became a number one hit in 1970.

Which song was one of the most requested songs by soldiers in Vietnam?

1. “We Gotta Get Outta This Place” – The Animals (1965) – while not explicitly about Vietnam, the song’s themes became a popular anthem with the troops.

What is War by Edwin Starr protesting?

It was performed by Edwin Starr. The song is a protest against the Vietnam War. This short article about music can be made longer.

How does War by Edwin Starr relate to the Vietnam War?

Over the years, however, Starr said the real meaning of the song had been lost. “The song was never about the Vietnam War,” he told the weekly British newspaper the Voice in 2001. “It was about the neighborhood wars and the racial wars that were going on inside America at the time.

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