What is the main goal of Udaan Foundation?

What is the main goal of Udaan Foundation?

Udaan India Foundation works with the motive of enabling a brighter future for children from low-income communities by providing them with desired knowledge, skills, values and support to achieve their true potential.

Is Udaan an ngo?

Udaan Foundation is a Delhi based NON PROFIT ORGANISATION is working towards helping the destitute children, abandoned women, neglected senior citizens and poor slum-dwellers. The primary purpose of an UDAAN Foundation is to design and implementation of development-related projects.

Who is the founder of Udaan?

On September 10, Udaan, an online platform for businesses and shop-owners, said cofounder Vaibhav Gupta would take charge as CEO, while cofounders Sujeet Kumar and Amod Malviya would work with him as board members to ensure that Udaan transitions to a CEO-led structure, aiming to be a publicly listed company in 18-24 …

What is udaan?

Udaan, founded in 2016, is an Indian business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform. It operates in the categories that include lifestyle, electronics, FMCG, pharma, home and kitchen, staples, fruits and vegetables, toys, and general merchandise, according to the company.

What is udaan organization?

Udaan India Foundation (Udaan) is a Mumbai based not-for-profit organization working with children from low-income communities in the field of education.

Who is Vaibhav Gupta?

Vaibhav Gupta is the Co-Founder at Udaan . Additionally, Vaibhav Gupta has had 1 past job as the VP Products at Flipkart .

Who is CEO of Udaan?

founder Vaibhav Gupta
Udaan, India’s largest b2b e-commerce platform has appointed co-founder Vaibhav Gupta as CEO. This is part of the plan for the next phase of growth for the Bengaluru-based company.

Who is udaan owner?

Is udaan successful?

Udaan Revenue The five-year-old company saw its revenues successfully scale to over 21X, thereby becoming Rs 978 crore during FY20, which was around Rs 46.3 crore in FY19. Udaan witnessed its revenues grow 6X times to stand at Rs 5,919 crore in FY21, as per reports dated January 12, 2022.

Who is owner of Udaan?

Amod Malviya and Sujeet Kumar, co-founders of Udaan, said the Indian market offers tremendous growth potential in the b2b e-commerce space, and having worked together for years, they know that Vaibhav Gupta, with his in-depth understanding of the business, is the best person to lead the organisation.

Who is the CEO of Udaan?

Who is founder of Udaan?

According to four people in the know, former Flipkart executives Amod Malviya and Sujeet Kumar have entirely moved away from operations, though they remain on the board. The six-year-old Udaan is now completely being run by their co-founder, Vaibhav Gupta, another Flipkart alum.

  • November 1, 2022