What is the big rat in Joe 90?

What is the big rat in Joe 90?

the Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer
In the basement of the cottage is a secret laboratory containing Mac’s latest invention, the Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer (referred to by the acronym “BIG RAT”): a machine capable of recording a person’s knowledge and experience and transferring it to the mind of another.

Why is it called Joe 90?

According to publicity information, when Joe joined W.I.N. there were 89 London based agents in operation. Joe became the 90th – hence JOE 90. But according to the episode Project 90, Joe’s codename is due to the BIG RAT’s designation as W.I.N.’s “Project 90”.

Who wrote the theme tune to Joe 90?

However, the most important aspect of Joe 90, that made the show so good was the get down funky theme tune, written by the immensely talented composer Barry Gray.

When was Joe 90?

Joe 90 (TV Series 1968–1969) – IMDb.

What was Joe 90 in?

Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis – The Loop. Joe 90 is a Supermarionation series made in 1968 by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

Who wrote the Thunderbirds theme tune?

composer Barry Gray
The music of composer Barry Gray, who wrote the theme tunes for such TV programmes as Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds, is to be performed in Bristol by musicians from Portishead, Goldfrapp and the British Paraorchestra.

How many episodes does Joe have?

Peacock’s Joe Exotic limited series will consist of 8 episodes, all of which are available to stream right now.

What does SIG stand for in Captain Scarlet?

The Spectrum organizations’ radio code SIG stood for Spectrum Is Green (essentially an OK), whilst the less used SIR stood for Spectrum Is Red (indicating a dangerous situation).

What did the Mysterons look like?

The Mysterons were first discovered by Spectrum captains Scarlet and Black during an investigation into the source of strange signals emanating from Mars. They appear as a pair of green rings; however, it is not known whether this is the result of technology.

What is Joe 90 father’s name?

Professor Ian McClaine
Plot. Young Joe McClaine is known as W.I.N.’s Most Special Agent, because his adoptive father, Professor Ian McClaine, has created a special device known as the BIG RAT.

Who wrote Stingray?

Stingray (1964 TV series)

Genre Children’s science fiction
Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson
Written by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Alan Fennell Dennis Spooner
Directed by David Elliott John Kelly Alan Pattillo Desmond Saunders

How many Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer episodes are there?

The original Joe Millionaire series lasted for two seasons and a total of 18 episodes. That’s not very much by today’s standards, but viewers ate each episode up with enthusiasm.

Will there be another Joe Millionaire?

Fox brought back Joe Millionaire for the 2021-2022 TV season to provide another option beyond The Bachelor for chaotic reality dating shenanigans. The show didn’t suffer from the fact that it originally ended after just two seasons back in 2003, and the format tweak to have two leading man worked well.

What does Thunderbirds FAB stand for?

F.A.B which originally did not stand for anything, but was later understood to stand for “Full Advised and Briefed.” Gerry Anderson, the producer of the show was known for these obscure catchphrases these include P.W.O.R from Stingray (1964) (Proceeding With Order Received) and S.I.G (Spectrum Is Green”) from Captain …

Is Captain Scarlet the Mysterons?

Captain Scarlet is the fictional main character in Gerry Anderson’s British Supermarionation science-fiction television series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and its computer-animated remake, Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet.

Why is Captain Scarlet indestructible?

Instead of being killed by the power surge, Scarlet was only harmed temporarily, and was restored to life by the genetic mutation of the Mysteron “retrometabolisation” process which makes him virtually “indestructible”. Scarlet is a dedicated Spectrum officer.

Why was Stingray Cancelled?

The show ran for 25 episodes, and did okay in the ratings, but NBC cancelled it, supposedly to make room for a new series by Michael Mann who was riding high at the time, due to his success with Miami Vice and Crime Story.

Who was Troy Tempest based on?

actor James Garner
Trivia (35) Some of the main puppet cast are based on real people including: Troy Tempest was modeled on the facial features of American actor James Garner. Marina was modeled on both Ursula Andress and Brigitte Bardot. Atlanta Shore was modeled on her voice actress Lois Maxwell.

Are Kurt and Amanda from Joe Millionaire still together?

Sowers, on the other hand, chose Amanda Pace, and while they tried to date when the show wrapped in October, they broke up during the first week of December. “Things are just a lot different when you are dating in the real world. It’s difficult to hang out and stuff.

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