What is the Australian slang for man?

What is the Australian slang for man?

Bloke: another word for a man.

What does buggered mean in Australian slang?

Tired, broken or ruined
Tired, broken or ruined; “These bathers are buggered now.”

What does Chuck A Berko mean?

It usually means “to do” or perform something. It can also mean “throw it out” or “shove it” when they say “chuck it out”. It is also used to say that someone “threw” something. For instance, they can say “he chucked a berko” which just means he threw a fit or went berserk.

What is a bloke in Australia?

bloke. / (bləʊk) / noun. British and Australian an informal word for man.

What is a Pantsman?

Noun. pants man (plural pants men) (Australia, slang) A promiscuous male.

What is a Bushie in Australia?

bushie (plural bushies) (Australia, colloquial) Someone who lives in or is familiar with the Australian outback; a bushman or bushwoman.

What does Bo Peep mean in Aussie slang?

a quick look
bo-peep. / (ˌbəʊˈpiːp) / noun. a game for very young children, in which one hides (esp hiding one’s face in one’s hands) and reappears suddenly. Australian and NZ informal a quick look (esp in the phrase have a bo-peep)

What is Floke?

a tangle, knot (e.g. in hair) a complication, difficulty, problem.

What does Lolly mean in Australia?

A lolly is a sweet or piece of confectionery. Particular to Australia and New Zealand, lolly has been part of Aussie slang since the 1850s. A conversation lolly is a sugary lolly with a conversational, often romantic, sentiment impressed into it.

What does hooroo mean in Australia?

8. Hooroo = Goodbye. The Australian slang for goodbye is Hooroo and sometimes they even Cheerio like British people.

Is sodding a swear word?

“Sod” is a derivative of “sodomy”, and hence comes in the same category as “bugger”, as has been said. It is an expression rarely used among younger people, and has a “grumpy old man” connotation.

  • September 10, 2022