What is Platteville Colorado known for?

What is Platteville Colorado known for?

Platteville, one of the oldest communities in Weld County, occupies land that was once the hunting grounds of nomad tribes and Cheyenne Indians. It is located along the banks of the South Platte River and enjoys a rich history vital to the development of the region.

Is Platteville Colorado a good place to live?

It is a friendly town with a moderate drive to the surrounding cities. However, a lot can change in Platteville. I believe that the schooling could be better, as well as the school buildings (Although they are doing construction on the schools to improve them). They could also keep up on road maintenance.

What zip code is 81401?

Montrose, CO
ZIP Code 81401

Post Office City: Montrose, CO (View All Cities)
County: Montrose County
Timezone: Mountain (3:01am)
Area code: 970 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 38.5, -107.8 ZIP (~16 mile radius)

How many zip codes are in Colorado?

Colorado has a total of 511 active zip codes.

What county is Platteville in?

Grant CountyPlatteville / County

What is the zip code for Grand Junction Colorado?

Grand Junction/Zip codes

Is Colorado a state in USA?

Colorado, constituent state of the United States of America. It is classified as one of the Mountain states, although only about half of its area lies in the Rocky Mountains. It borders Wyoming and Nebraska to the north, Nebraska and Kansas to the east, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the south, and Utah to the west.

Is Colorado a city?

DenverColorado SpringsBoulderAspenFort CollinsAurora

How did Platteville get its name?

Two years later, in 1829, John Rountree was appointed postmaster. At that time, the community applied for a post office under the name Lebanon, but since another town already picked that name, the City went with its second choice, Platteville.

What is the zip code for Boulder Colorado?

Boulder/Zip codes

What is the zip code for Durango Colorado?

Durango/Zip codes

Is Colorado a poor state?

Overall, out of Americans for whom the Census Bureau was able to determine poverty status, 42.31 million lived below the poverty line (or 13.15% of the total population)….List.

State or Territory Colorado
Population 5,563,823
Population under Poverty Line 544,232
Poverty Rate 9.78%

What do you call a person from Colorado?

Colorado. People who live in Colorado are called Coloradans and Coloradoans.

Is Platteville Wi safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Platteville is 1 in 31. Based on FBI crime data, Platteville is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Wisconsin, Platteville has a crime rate that is higher than 96% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Is UW-Platteville a safe school?

University of Wisconsin – Platteville reported 180 safety-related incidents involving students on campus in 2019. That works out to 21.76 incidents per 1,000 students, considering that the student body population is 8,271.

Why is there an M in Platteville?

An “M” is the official symbol for the “Miners” of the Wisconsin Institute of Technology, formerly the Wisconsin Mining School and currently the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Platte Mound is 150 feet high and rises an estimated 400 feet above the city of Platteville, is one mile long and one half mile wide.

  • September 29, 2022