What is involved in the antemortem inspection of animals?

What is involved in the antemortem inspection of animals?

When performing ante-mortem inspection, inspection program personnel are to observe the overall condition of the birds including the head, with attention to the eyes, legs, and the body of the birds; and whether there are any unusual swellings or other abnormalities on the birds.

What does postmortem meat inspection mean why is this type of inspection done?

The purpose of post-mortem inspection is to protect the public health by ensuring that the carcasses and parts that enter commerce are wholesome, not adulterated, and properly marked, labeled, and packaged.

What is localized condition in animal carcass?

In a localized condition, a lesion is restricted by the animal defense mechanisms to a certain area or organ. Systemic changes associated with a localized condition may also occur.

What is the importance of lymph nodes in meat inspection?

Their function is to filter and destroy invading bacteria. When lymph nodes are successful, they prevent the spread of disease from the region of tissue that has been invaded.

How is antemortem inspection done?

Antemortem inspection identifies animals not fit for human consumption. Here animals that are down, disabled, diseased, or dead (known as 4D animals) are removed from the food chain and labeled “condemned.” Other animals showing signs of being sick are labeled “suspect” and are segregated from…

What is the main purpose of ante mortem inspection?

The ante-mortem examination (screening) is extremely important because it permits the interception of diseased animals which, if permitted to enter the slaughter floor, could be responsible for contamination of facilities and equipment.

What is the importance of ante mortem inspection?

Which are checked on antemortem examination include?

What is ante mortem in poultry?

Antemortem examination of meat animal is of prime importance from public health point of view. It is the initial step in detection of any sign of disease, distress, injury etc. which helps in taking appropriate decision before slaughter of animal.

How ante mortem examination is helpful in safe and wholesome meat production?

Why is antemortem inspection important?

Why antemortem inspection of animals prior to slaughter is important?

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