What is Hueytown High School mascot?

What is Hueytown High School mascot?

Golden Gophers

Hueytown High School
Color(s) Purple and gold
Athletics AHSAA Class 6A
Mascot Golden Gophers

Is Hueytown High School 6A?

3, 2021. Clay-Chalkville defeats Hueytown 46-42. Clay-Chalkville players celebrate after the game during the Class 6A football state championship at Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Ala., on Friday, Dec.

How old is Hueytown High School?

Hueytown High School is a four year public high school in the Jefferson County School System which primarily serves the city of Hueytown. It is located at 4881 15th Street Road. The school was founded in 1921 and currently has an enrollment of 1,032 students.

When was Hueytown High School built?

1921Hueytown High School / Founded

What is the zip code for Hueytown Alabama?

Hueytown/Zip codes

What class is Clay-Chalkville High School?

AHSAA Class 6A

Clay-Chalkville High School
Athletics AHSAA Class 6A
Nickname Cougars
Feeder schools Clay-Chalkville Middle School

What was Hueytown score?

Clay-Chalkville outlasts Hueytown 46-42 behind five Edward Osley TDs in AHSAA football Class 6A championship. BIRMINGHAM — The AHSAA Class 6A state championship game was billed as a clash between two explosive offenses.

Is Hueytown High School a good school?

Hueytown High School is ranked #13,383-17,843 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Read more about how we rank the Best High Schools.

When was Hueytown Middle School built?

Built in stages, the construction project was completed in 1965. Hueytown Middle School took its present name in 2005….

Hueytown Middle School
Principal Serra Peterson
Enrollment 900 (2020)
Colors purple & gold
Mascot Panthers

What is Hoover zip code?

Hoover/Zip codes

What is Clay-Chalkville mascot?

Clay-Chalkville High School
Principal Michael Lee
Enrollment 1,333 (2014)
Colors Blue and silver
Mascot Cougars

What city is Clay-Chalkville High School in?

Birmingham, Alabama
Clay-Chalkville High School (CCHS) is a public high school in Clay, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, United States. It is the second largest of the Jefferson County Board of Education’s fourteen high schools.

Did Hueytown win the state championship?

He couldn’t have been more exact as his matmen in the consolation regained the lead and the team’s men in the Championship Finals took it from there as Hueytown won the State Wrestling Title at Fair Park. Going into the Championship finals, the Golden Gophers owned a 3 1/2 point lead over Robert E. Lee of Montgomery.

Who won the Hueytown game last night?

Clay-Chalkville outlasts Hueytown 46-42 behind five Edward Osley TDs in AHSAA football Class 6A championship.

What sport does Hueytown have a long time tradition with?

Hueytown was home to one of the dominant racing groups in NASCAR, the Alabama Gang. The city’s main thoroughfare, Allison-Bonnett Memorial Drive, takes its name from drivers Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison, Davey Allison, Clifford Allison, and Neil Bonnett.

What city is Clay Chalkville High School in?

What is Clay Chalkville mascot?

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