What is essix material?

What is essix material?

Essix is a brand name for the plastic composite retainer material. These retainers are made from a clear sheet of Co-polyster. The sheet is then vacuum or thermoformed over a dental model of your teeth. This is the same type of retainer that the Invisalign system uses.

What is an essix appliance?

The Essix appliance is a light, almost invisible removable plastic device that snaps over the teeth and is used mainly for retention. After an initial period of full-time wear, the patient is advised to wear the retainer only while sleeping.

What is an essix splint?

Essix retainers are a type of orthodontic retention device used to protect the results of your braces or clear aligner treatment. They are a set of clear, removable plastic retainers, and you will wear them regularly following your treatment.

Does essix retainer work?

Not only do Essix retainers allow an easy clean for your teeth, but they are easy to keep clean as well. Brushing them under warm running water can help to rid it of any food or bacteria from your mouth. There are many deep cleaning solutions that can be used once or twice a month to ‘deep clean’ a retainer.

What kind of retainer is best?

Hawley retainers may be the most widely recognized type of retainer. Commonly referred to as wire retainers, this style has been around for decades and continues to be a reliable option for orthodontists. They are made from a molded acrylic arch and wire, custom-fitted to the wearer’s mouth.

How long does essix retainer last?

about 3 years
Essix retainers (removable clear retainers, similar to Invisalign®) typically last about 3 years before they need to be replaced.

Can you eat with essix?

DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING (except plain water) while wearing the Essix retainers. Any liquid with sugar (or even acid, like diet soft drinks) will pool around the teeth and can cause decay or white (decalcification) spots on the teeth!

Are clear retainers like Invisalign?

Clear Essix retainers are designed just to prevent the teeth from shifting. Retainers will not move or straighten your teeth, they will prevent them from shifting further. Retainers are made using the same 1mm clear Essix material as Invisalign, so it is easy to understand how people get the two confused.

How long do essix retainers last?

Can I sleep with my essix retainer?

Essix retainers are only for esthetics. Remove your retainer for eating and sleeping. Clean retainer with cold water and a soft toothbrush.

What is the most comfortable retainer?

A clear plastic retainer has the following advantages: It’s virtually invisible, so you’re more likely to wear it. That means relapse is less likely. It’s less bulky and may be more comfortable than a Hawley retainer.

Can you sleep with essix retainer?

Clear retainers are usually worn at night while you sleep, although your orthodontist may instruct you to wear yours during the day as well when your braces first come off. An Essix retainer can be used in conjunction with a permanent retainer to ensure that teeth do not shift out of place.

Can teeth move with essix retainer?

A series of Essix aligners can slowly move your teeth back to their desired position.

Should I sleep with my essix retainer?

Can you eat with an essix?

No, you should not eat while wearing an Essix retainer, nor should you drink anything other than water. When you eat or drink with your retainers in, the food debris and sugar can pool around your teeth, causing decay and stains.

Can you drink water with essix retainer?

If you have an Essix retainer, you may be advised to avoid drinking liquids (except water) when the retainers are in place. Liquids can seep into the retainer, and the liquid is held against the teeth until the retainer is removed. Liquids with color (coffee, tea, red wine, etc.)

Are essix retainers better?

Conclusions showed that Essix retainers were more effective at maintaining the arch length and tooth alignment in the upper arch. For lower jaw incisor alignment, results showed Essix retainers worn full-time for four months were more beneficial than Hawley retainers.

Can you eat with an essix appliance?

  • October 13, 2022