What is Club level Soldier Field?

What is Club level Soldier Field?

The United Club is the premier hospitality area for Bears home games at Soldier Field. Located on the east side of the stadium, the three-level United Club offers impressive sightlines from every seat and convenient access to the climate-controlled indoor club lounge and its exclusive amenities.

What sections are the United Club at Soldier Field?

Features & Amenities The United Club Seats at Soldier Field are on the East side of the stadium in sections 202-216 and 301-317. This is a two-tier club level and the outdoor experience is different depending on which level you’re sitting on.

Where should I sit at Soldier Field?

Stick with the first 10 rows for a better all around experience as you’ll be closer to the lower entry tunnels and have good proximity to the field. Among the seats you will want avoid when searching for a ticket with a good view are the upper rows of the 400 level seats along the west sideline (sections 427-447).

What is included with club seats at Soldier Field?

United Club seats are located on the visitor’s sidelines on the 200 and 300 Level of the Stadium. They offer access to a 3-floor lounge, 8 bars, and specialty food and drink. Executive Suites offer either a single-game suite purchase or a 2-game suite purchase.

Is there a bar inside Soldier Field?

The Miller Lite Midway is a climate-controlled space at Soldier Field offering the amenities of a modern, upscale sports bar. Located on the west side mezzanine level behind sections 136 and 138, The Miller Lite Midway is open before, during and after Bears home games.

Where is the United Club entrance at Soldier Field?

18th Street Turnaround west of LSD. On Balbo Drive between Columbus Dr. and LSD (north of Soldier Field)

Does United Club have free alcohol?

These complimentary amenities include: Personalized travel assistance. Wi-Fi. Beverages including select beer, wine and spirits.

Who owns Soldier Field in Chicago?

Burnham ParkSoldier Field / Owner
Soldier Field has the second smallest stadium in the NFL, even after a 2003 renovation increased capacity of 61,500. The Chicago Park District has owned the field since its construction. Even though the Bears have called it home since 1971, Soldier Field remains park district property.

How much is a beer at Soldier Field?

Soldier Field charges $8.50 for a 20-ounce draft beer, and 16-ounce unit of the same beer costs 87 cents at most grocery stores in Chicago, according to Forbes reporter Chris Smith, who cited Nielsen figures.

Can you bring snacks to Soldier Field?

Yeah you can bring food in it just has to be in clear plastic bags, not in a container. This was found on the Chicago bears website.

Is Soldier Field heated?

By adding the heating system, Soldier Field is taking after several other NFL stadiums in cold-weather climates, including Lambeau Field in Green Bay. The heating system was installed 9 inches deep underneath the root zone using more than 40 miles of 3/4-inch tubing.

Can military use United Club?

United Club invitation Access is available to active duty military members and family members with gate passes or traveling on the same flight as the military member and is subject to each location’s capacity and seating availability.

What’s wrong with Soldier Field?

Frankly speaking, the current Soldier Field is an architectural mistake. Once a classical Romanesque structure, the stadium now looks as if a giant spaceship landed right in the middle of the playing surface. The structure itself isn’t the only problem with the current state of Soldier Field.

How much do the Bears pay to lease Soldier Field?

The club submitted a bid in June for the 326-acre property, which comes with a price tag of $197.2 million, per chicagobusiness.com. The Bears’ lease for Soldier Field runs through 2033, but the organization can break that lease by paying a fee of $84 million as early as 2026, per the Chicago Tribune.

  • October 31, 2022