What is a stockade mean?

What is a stockade mean?

Definition of stockade (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a line of stout posts set firmly to form a defense. 2a : an enclosure or pen made with posts and stakes. b : an enclosure in which prisoners are kept.

What is the stockade in the military?

a defensive barrier consisting of strong posts or timbers fixed upright in the ground. an enclosure or pen made with posts and stakes. U.S. Military.

What is a stockade used for?

A stockade is an enclosed pen used to herd cattle and other livestock. Stockades can also house people, in the sense of a penal camp. In both cases, the treatment tends to be on the rough side. Stockades are also built as a means of protection or defense.

What is another word for stockade?

What is another word for stockade?

prison gaolUK
jailUS dungeon
jailhouse penitentiary
coop slammer
can clink

What is a stockade in a castle?

A stockade is an enclosure of palisades and tall walls, made of logs placed side by side vertically, with the tops sharpened as a defensive wall.

Is a stockade a fort?

Stockade definition An enclosure, as a fort, made with such stakes. To fortify, protect, or surround with a stockade. An enclosure for military prisoners.

What is a stockade village?

The stockade village is where the Miao people have lived for thousands of years. Meeting at Unknown Places presents local customs and practices of countries all over the world to Francophone viewers. The series was launched in 2006, and this particular episode was the first one filmed in China.

How do you use stockade in a sentence?

How to use Stockade in a sentence

  1. A stockade fort was erected on the site of the city in 1808, but was burned in 1813.
  2. I had not gone a hundred yards when I reached the stockade.
  3. The “rock” was a military stockade and later a maximum security prison.

What is the synonym of Fort?

1. fortress, castle, citadel, blockhouse, burg, keep, tower, donjon, turret. stronghold, redoubt, fortification, bastion. fastness.

How tall is a stockade?

Stockade fences can be 4, 6, or 8 feet in height. Stockade fences are made of wood, which may be treated or untreated. Treated wood is wood that has been treated with chemicals (pesticides) to extend the life of the wood and prevent decay from bugs.

Does the military have prisons?

Today’s American military prison systems are designed to house criminals who commit an offense while holding the job title of being in a branch of the military. Military prisons have a tier system that is based on the length of a prisoner’s sentence. For instance, the Navy uses three levels of incarceration.

What is a stockade fort?

Stockade definition A barrier of stakes driven into the ground side by side, for defense against attack. noun. 2. An enclosure, as a fort, made with such stakes. noun.

How do you use vessel in a sentence?

(1) The vessel reached port the next morning. (2) He was accused of operating the vessel while drunk. (3) The vessel docked in Swansea after a ten-hour crossing. (4) A pot is a vessel for holding food.

What is a sentence for tornado?

1. The town was hit by a tornado last night. 2. The tornado pulled up the old tree by its roots.

What is a small fort called?

Larger military installations may be called fortresses; smaller ones were once known as fortalices. The word fortification can also refer to the practice of improving an area’s defense with defensive works.

What is a stockade fence look like?

A stockade fence is comprised of wood boards placed tightly next to each other; there is no gap between the boards of a stockade fence. Typically, the tops of the stockade fence pickets are pointed.

Who is a vessel of God?

The human person is symbolised as a vessel of God. In this instance the vessel is a container, which is different from a utensil or an instrument. This vessel is meant to contain God. The potter in Romans 9 desires that the human, as a vessel, is to contain God himself.

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