What is a grooved pipe fitting?

What is a grooved pipe fitting?

A grooved mechanical joining of two pipes means that a small groove is made at the end of each pipe with a grooving machine. A rubber gasket is fitted over the two pipe ends and around it a two-part coupling is screwed together with two bolts and nuts.

How is grooved piping joined together?

coupling. The pipe groove is made by forming or machining an actual groove into the ends of two pipes. A gasket wraps around and on top of the pipe ends, the housings wrap around the gasket and sit in the pipe grooves, and the bolts and nuts are tightened with a wrench to hold it all together.

What is the use of grooved joint?

A groove joint is a type of joint most commonly seen in woodworking, although it can be used to join other materials as well. Groove joints are designed to be used in a tongue and groove system, with the grooves complementing the tongues to create a snug joint where two pieces snap together.

Where are grooved fittings used?

Grooved pipe couplings and fittings are used to join and pipes in both wet and dry system. They provided some flexibility in terms of movement and deflection to the piping system. The concept of grooved coupling was invented in 1925 when Victaulic design the first mechanical coupling.

How do I install grooved fittings?

Installation-Ready™ Grooved Technology Pipe Couplings & Fittings

  1. Remove the bolts and nuts.
  2. Remove the gasket.
  3. Fit the gasket over the gap between two grooved pipe ends.
  4. Wrap the housings around the gasket.
  5. Tighten the bolts and nuts.

What is the advantage of using grooved piping & grooved fittings?

Not only do benefits of grooved pipe couplings include being fast and easy to install, but it’s also safer than any other pipe joining method. Grooved mechanical coupling systems are installed without the need for flame, eliminating the fire hazards typically associated with welding/brazing or soldering.

What is grooved seam?

Grooved Seam are a type of self-locking joint used commonly in the fabrication of cylindrical and conical objects. The Seam can be on the outside or on the inside.

Which metal is used in grooved joint?

Hand Groover: The hand groover is made up of cast steel and is used to make external locked grooved joint.

What is a grooved flange?

Pipe flange is a way of joining pipe, valve and pump together by grooved, welded, or screwed type. It provides an easy access for installation, cleaning and modification of the leak tight structure.

What are Victaulic fittings used for?

Victaulic pipe connectors are used across various applications including: Potable water piping systems. Hydraulic applications. Moderate and high-pressure applications.

What is a Victaulic groove?

Victaulic. Victaulic. Grooved End Pipe Joining, or the “grooved” concept as it is known today, was born in 1919 when Victaulic designed the first mechanical pipe joint to successfully use a mechanical coupling combined with grooved pipe ends to join piping systems. The first grooved coupling was named the Victory Joint …

What is a Pittsburgh seam?

In simple terms, Pittsburgh Seam Arches are a method of using sheet metal to bend around a curve. They are commonly used around windows, curved walls, and railing walls.

What is folded seam joint?

A folded seam is made by folding the edges of both ends of the metal and hooking the folds together before pounding flat with a mallet and soldering. Folded seams are simple, but not as long-lasting or water-tight as some newer, machine-made seams.

What is groove in pipeline?

The pipe groove is made by cold forming or machining a groove into the end of a pipe. A gasket enclosed in the coupling housing is placed around two abutted grooved pipe ends, and the key section of the housing engages the grooves.

Where are tongue and groove joints used?

The tongue-and-groove joint is often used to form wider panels from narrower boards, such as when forming table tops, doors, or architectural paneling. It’s also widely used for strip flooring. Historically, the tongue-and-groove joint was also used to register and align the edges of vertical paneling in early homes.

What is roll groove pipe?

Roll Groove. When forming a roll groove, a pipe is cold formed to make a circular and extensive groove in the pipe. A groove is created without removing any pipe material. This is a new method compared to the cut groove, where pipe material is physically removed from the outside diameter of the pipe.

What is Groove seam?

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