What is a good 308 battle rifle?

What is a good 308 battle rifle?

FN SCAR-17S One of the major contenders to be one of the best . 308 Winchester semi-auto and the rifle of the free world after the GWOT is the FN SCAR-17S. This rifle has seen some hard combat in some nasty places.

What is the lightest 308 rifle?

Starting at 4 pounds, 13 ounces in rifles chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win., and 7mm-08 Rem., the Mountain Ascent is billed by Kimber as β€œthe lightest production bolt-action big game rifle available today.” Weight does go up, by necessity, if you choose other caliber options ranging up to 300 Win.

Is a 308 a good hunting rifle?

The . 308 Winchester certainly has enough energy to kill deer, pronghorn, elk, moose and bear out to 300 yards, but the bullet drops fast and it’s trajectory looks like a bell shaped curve by 500 yards.

What caliber is a mountain goat?

Since it’s best to anchor a goat on the spot, this is a game for hard-hitting magnum caliber rifles. Mountain goat hunters should consider cartridges in the . 300 and . 338 magnum families, but in compact, lightweight rifles.

Are compact rifles less accurate?

The simple fact is that short rifles are easier to carry and handle, faster, more maneuverable, and more accurate across the board than their longer brothers.

Which is better 308 or 300 Blackout?

The 308 is definitely the better choice of the two for long-range competitions. The 308 also has significantly more power and range for hunting medium to large game. However, those who already own an AR-15 can change it to 300 BLK by simply sliding out the takedown pins and swapping upper halves.

Is a 308 big enough for moose?

Although the . 3006 is the most popular choice for a moose hunting rifle the 308 caliber is still a very good. In popularity the . 308 ranks right behind the 06 and has been used to harvest moose for hunters across Canada and the US.

What caliber is caribou?

For a moose and caribou combo hunt, it’s certainly an easy choice. . 270 Winchester – Like the 30-06, this is a classic caliber that can take on any of North America’s big game species.

  • September 3, 2022