What is a female Pudendum?

What is a female Pudendum?

Female Pudenda: This term refers to the female genitalia. It covers parts such as the pubis, the vulva, the inner and outer labia, the clitoris and the vagina.

What does pudenda mean in slang?

noun. /pjuːˈdendə/ /pjuːˈdendə/ [plural] (old-fashioned, formal) ​the sexual organs that are outside the body, especially those of a woman.

Where does the word pudenda come from?

From Latin pudenda (“that whereof one ought to feel shame”), substantive use of the neuter plural gerundive of pudet (“it shames”); in Latin the usage in the plural form (to mean external genitalia), was far more common than the singular form, as is also the case in English.

What is a fish purse?

A purse seine is a large wall of netting deployed around an entire area or school of fish.

What is FUFF?

Definition of fuff (Entry 2 of 2) 1 chiefly Scottish : a gust or puff especially of wind. 2 chiefly Scottish : an outburst of temper : rage.

Is bycatch a word?

The term “bycatch” is usually used for fish caught unintentionally in a fishery while intending to catch other fish. It may however also indicate untargeted catch in other forms of animal harvesting or collecting.

What does Duff mean slang?

Standing for designated ugly fat friend, duff is a rude, though often humorous term people use for that one friend who makes you look better.

What do you mean by the word Fluffy?

Definition of fluffy 1a : covered with or resembling fluff. b : being light and soft or airy : puffed up a fluffy omelet. 2 : lacking in meaning or substance : superficial sense 2c.

What is ghost fishing gear?

Ghost fishing gear includes any abandoned, lost, or otherwise discarded fishing gear, much of which often goes unseen.

What is a fish stock?

Term. The living resources in the community or population from which catches are taken in a fishery. Use of the term fish stock usually implies that the particular population is more or less isolated from other stocks of the same species and hence self-sustaining.

What bycatch means?

Wherever there is fishing, there is bycatch—the incidental capture of non-target species such as dolphins, marine turtles and seabirds.

What does purse seiners mean?

A purse seine is a large wall of netting deployed around an entire area or school of fish. The seine has floats along the top line with a lead line threaded through rings along the bottom. Once a school of fish is located, a skiff encircles the school with the net.

Why is a butt called a DUFF?

Duff, as a slang term for buttocks, dates back to the mid-19th century. It originated in Scotland, and could be related to duop, another Scottish word for buttocks. The pudding sense is also from Scotland, and is a dialectal variation of dough.

Is Fluffle a real word?

A group of bunnies is called a fluffle, yes you read that right. The ever-appropriate name is used to refer to wild rabbits which can also be called a colony – but why would you? Stick with fluffle.

What does fluffy cheeks mean?

Excess fat on one’s cheek can give the appearance of “chubbiness.” The condition is termed as “chubby cheeks” where the face is rounded and has a particular fullness to it. This condition may lead patients to feel insecure, old, or unhappy with their appearance.

What is in the garbage patch?

For many people, the idea of a “garbage patch” conjures up images of an island of trash floating on the ocean. In reality, these patches are almost entirely made up of tiny bits of plastic, called microplastics. Microplastics can’t always be seen by the naked eye.

What is derelict fishing?

Derelict fishing gear is lost and discarded gear that is no longer under the control of a commercial or recreational fisher. It includes lines, nets, pots, traps, floats, and other equipment.

  • October 30, 2022