What does his nickname Scaevola mean?

What does his nickname Scaevola mean?

According to the story, Mucius was rewarded with a grant of land beyond the Tiber and given the name Scaevola, meaning “left-handed.” The tale is presumably an attempt to explain the origin of Rome’s famed Scaevola family. hero. Table of Contents. hero.

Who is the bravest youth of Rome?

Gaius Mucius Cordus
Gaius Mucius Cordus, better known with his later cognomen Scaevola (/ˈsiːvələ, ˈsɛv-/ SE(E)V-ə-lə, Latin: [ˈskae̯wɔla]), was an ancient Roman youth, possibly mythical, famous for his bravery.

When did Gaius Mucius Scaevola live?

c. 510 B.C.
Gaius Mucius Scaevola (c. 510 B.C.) Legendary Roman hero who is said to have saved Rome (c.

Why was Gaius Mucius Scaevola known as the left handed?

He is said to have burned his own hand off in the fire to demonstrate his bravery. Since Gaius Mucius effectively lost his right hand to the fire, he became known as Scaevola, which means left-handed.

Where is Clusium?

Clusium, ancient Etruscan town on the site of modern Chiusi, in Tuscany regione, north-central Italy. Clusium was founded in the 8th century bc on the site of an older Umbrian town known as Camars.

How do you pronounce mucius?


  1. (Classical) IPA: /ˈmuː.ki.us/, [ˈmuːkiʊs̠]
  2. (Ecclesiastical) IPA: /ˈmu.t͡ʃi.us/, [ˈmuːt͡ʃius]

How many legions did ventidius bring?

Ventidius tells him that there are three legions left to fight for him. Antony professes the intention of taking these last few men to war against Octavius, taking as many Romans down with him as possible.

What did Cloelia do?

The story of Cloelia’s bravery takes place in Rome circa 506 BCE. Cloelia was a hostage sent from the Romans to the Etruscans. The significance of her story derives from her courageous act of leading a group of young girls away from their captors and across the river Tiber.

What is Clusium called now?


When did the Latin league end?

338 BC
After 338 BC, the end of the Latin league, Rome renamed the cities municipia and established coloniae inside them. This meant that the towns were now ruled by Rome (or the Roman Republic) and that the people living there were considered Roman colonists.

What happened to Ventidius?

Sent by Antony to expel the Parthians from Anatolia and Syria, Ventidius defeated the enemy at the Cilician Gates (mountain pass in present-day southern Turkey) and Mount Amanus in 39 and at Mount Gindarus in 38. He died soon after celebrating a triumph at Rome.

Who is Serapion?

Saint Sarapion, also spelled Serapion, (flourished 4th century; feast day March 21; Coptic church March 7), Egyptian monk, theologian, and bishop of Thmuis, Lower Egypt, in the Nile River delta. Sarapion was a champion with St.

Is Cloelia real?

Cloelia (Ancient Greek: Κλοιλία) was a legendary woman from the early history of ancient Rome.

Why is Cloelia a hero?

508 bce) Semi-historical hero celebrated by ancient Roman writers for leading an escape from an Etruscan camp and swimming across the Tiber River.

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