What does 11359 mean?

What does 11359 mean?

11359. Every person who possesses for sale any marijuana, except as otherwise provided by law, shall be punished by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code. Potential Sentence: up to three (3) years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Is possession of a controlled substance a wobbler?

This crime is known as “operating a drug house.” It is common for HS 11366 to be charged along with possession for sale of a controlled substance. Opening or maintaining a drug house is a wobbler crime. The potential felony sentence is sixteen (16) months, two (2) years or three (3) years in state prison.

What charge is hs11351?

Health and Safety Code 11351 HS makes possession for sale of a certain controlled substance a serious felony crime in California. If the prosecutor is able to prove you had possession of drugs with the intent to sell them, you will be facing severe penalties.

What is 11377 a HS?

California Health and Safety Code 11377(a) HS defines the crime of possession of methamphetamine. In order to obtain a conviction, the prosecutor must be able to prove several specific factors that are commonly known as “elements of the crime.”

Is HS 11359 a felony?

HS 11359 possessing marijuana with intent to sell it on the black market is a California misdemeanor for most defendants. The potential penalties are: Up to six (6) months in county jail, and/or. A fine of up to five hundred dollars ($500).

How many years do you get for drug possession in California?

In general, first time misdemeanor drug possession charges are punishable by one year in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. The time you actually spend in jail for possession of drugs in California depends on a number of things, including: If you are charged with “simple possession”

What does booking Type H&S mean?

H&S typically refers to the Health and Safety Code–typically drug offenses. PC usually means Penal Code.

Is wax a felony in California?

Possession of more than 8 grams of concentrated cannabis products, including hashish, cannabis oils, extracts, wax, dabs, etc can be a felony offense and can bring jail time if you are found guilty of the charges. Hashish possession in California can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor, or a felony, depending.

Is HS 11352 a wobbler?

Wobbler: HS 11352(a) is a wobbler. This means that HS 11352(a) may be charged either as a misdemeanor, or as a felony.

How much time do you get for violating probation in California?

However, if you violate probation, the court has the legal authority to now sentence you to up to three years in county jail.

What does HS stand for in law?

Health and Safety Code
HS and HSC are abbreviations for “Health and Safety Code.” California’s Health and Safety Code largely includes state laws on drug-related offenses.

How do you beat a drug sale charge in California?

The following are some examples of defenses that could help you beat your drug charges:

  1. The drugs weren’t yours, and you were unaware that they were in your possession.
  2. Someone set you up.
  3. The lab made errors.
  4. The police did not follow proper procedures.
  5. You were illegally searched.

What amount of drugs is considered a felony in California?

Plus, any persons possessing or offering for sale 14.25 grams or more of a substance containing heroin can also be convicted of a drug felony violation (11352.5).

What is the statute of limitations in California for drugs?

three years
California Statute of Limitations for Drug Possession Therefore, the statute of limitations for a drug possession charge is typically three years. For possession charges not punishable by imprisonment—primarily possession of small amounts of marijuana—the statute of limitations is one year.

How many grams is a felony in California?

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