What do Maremma dogs look like?

What do Maremma dogs look like?

Resembling a polar bear, the Maremma Sheepdog’s long, harsh white- or cream-colored coat helps him blend well with the sheep he’s guarding. He has a large, flat head, triangular ears, deep chest and low-set tail. The Maremma Sheepdog’s body is of heavy build, and is slightly longer than it is tall.

How big do Maremma dogs get?

Male: 26–29 inchesMaremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog / Height (65–73 cm)

Are Maremmas barkers?

Temperament. The Maremma is a friendly and well-balanced flock guardian. For several decades, it has also achieved success as a companion dog. Sober and dignified, this loyal, brave and determined dog makes an excellent guard dog without being a constant barker.

Do Maremma dogs bite?

There is a tendency to attack and bite anyone who comes too close and apparently with bad intentions. An aggressive dog will not hesitate to continue his attack until a different command form is given by the shepherd, but he is never aggressive just for the taste of it.

Are Maremmas cuddly?

Unlike their lookalikes, Maremmas are definitely not a cuddly house pet. Instead, they’re an independent, stoic, sometimes stubborn pup who is more accustomed to the working life than most other breeds.

Are Maremmas smart?

Maremmas are very intelligent dogs and need to have a purpose in life or they become bored and destructive. These dogs love water and will happily roll over in a puddle.

Are Maremmas intelligent?

Are Maremmas aggressive to other dogs?

The Maremma Sheepdog is not aggressive by nature, but he is self-confident. He is aware that he has a job to do and knows exactly how to do it—better than you do.

Is a Maremma a wolf?

The Maremma-Abruzzese sheepdog, however, has never stopped working, because the wolf has never disappeared from the central Italian Apennine Mountains, the Abruzzo in particular, thus making it necessary to continually use the dog to protect livestock.

Can Maremmas be trained?

As a pet they are not overly outgoing or attached like other dogs, but they will defend their house and master and are known to be very attentive with children. The Maremma Sheepdog is a highly intelligent breed and trainable, but they are not for the passive or inexperienced owner.

How much is a Maremma Sheepdog?

between $600 and $800
Maremma Sheepdogs can cost anywhere between $600 and $800. This is not as expensive as some dog breeds, although they are rare to find.

How do you train a Maremma as a pet?

Trainability and Training Tips

  1. Find out what they respond to. Maremmas are not typically crazy about toys, and they don’t respond well to reprimands.
  2. Give them plenty of praise.
  3. Keep sessions short, and be consistent.
  • September 13, 2022