What a corker you are Shannon?

What a corker you are Shannon?

“You’re a corker, Shannon,” says Joseph in rapt admiration. “What a corker you are.” The delicate sweetness of that moment, magnetically played by Cruise and Kidman, represents the movie at in best.

What does calling someone a corker mean?

a person or thing that is especially good, attractive, or funny: She told an absolute corker of a story about a priest she’d mistaken for an ex-lover. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Good and excellent things.

What does Corker mean in Irish slang?

If you say that someone or something is a corker, you mean that they are very good.

Do Joseph and Shannon end up together?

Shannon runs to his side and rejects Chase when he questions her actions. Joseph professes his love for Shannon and dies in her arms, but like his father, comes back to life fully revived when Shannon reciprocates Joseph’s love. They both drive the land stake into the ground and claim their prize land together.

Where did the expression you’re a corker come from?

corker (n.) “unanswerable fact or argument,” 1837, slang, something that “settles” a debate, discussion, conflict, etc.; hence “something astonishing” (1880s). Probably an agent noun from cork (v.) on the notion is of putting a cork in a bottle as an act of finality.

Should be a corker?

It is also used to talk about matches – ‘This should be a corker’ means you think the game will be exciting.

Where did the expression Corker come from?

Why do people say hard cheese?

This phrase is of British origin and was used since the early 19th century. The literal meaning of hard cheese refers to old, stale and indigestible cheese, which is obviously unpleasant. So the idiomatic expression derives from this as an allusion to undesirable events.

Is Far and Away a true story?

Far and Away is a True Story about the journey which we all have begun. And it continues as we progress along the pathways. Written to inspire and encourage.

What does the slang word Corker mean?

are very good
If you say that someone or something is a corker, you mean that they are very good. [British, informal, old-fashioned]

What does she’s a corker mean?

What’s a corker mean?

Where does spend a penny come from?

Spend a penny means to go to the toilet, especially a public toilet. One usually is said to be going to spend a penny. The expression is derived from the fact that public toilets were installed in the United Kingdom in the mid-1800s that required a penny to be unlocked.

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