Is there an accident on I-70 westbound in Indiana?

Is there an accident on I-70 westbound in Indiana?

I-70 WB: Crash at I-465 (MM 89.3, Indianapolis). For the next three hours. Ramp partially blocked, Right lane blocked.

Is there road construction on I-70 in Indiana?

This year, construction will focus on I-70 between County Road 700W and Sugar Creek. The ramp off Mt. Comfort Road to I-70 westbound is scheduled to close on or after May 9 and reopen in early July. Construction on the entire project is expected to be complete in fall 2024.

How long is I-70 Closed in Indianapolis?

18 months
The closure will block all traffic from I-65 and I-70 between the North Split and Washington Street. It will last 18 months, until November 2022. Drivers will still be able to access downtown using the westbound I-70 exit ramp to Michigan or Ohio streets.

Is I-70 closed in Ohio?

I-70 WB is currently in its phase one construction configuration. The 6th Street on-ramp to I-70 WB is also closed and will remain closed during phases 1, 2, and 3 construction, which is approximately 5.5 years (through Summer 2027). Motorists wanting to access I-70 WB should use the on-ramp at State Street.

Is Ohio Street exit open Indianapolis?

Ohio Street Ramp Now Closed.

What is the North split Indianapolis?

The North Split Reconstruction Project will upgrade the interchange where I‑65 and I‑70 meet in downtown Indianapolis. The North Split is the second-most heavily traveled interchange in Indiana. Pavement and bridges in the interchange area require rehabilitation or replacement due to their poor structural condition.

Is 70 East closed in Columbus Ohio?

The I-70 eastbound exit ramp to Front St. closed permanently June 17, 2022 so crews can construct a new exit ramp.

Why is 71 Columbus closed?

The 2 right lanes are blocked on I-71 South at 17th Ave, due to flooding. SR-257 Northbound. Expect lane closures on SR-257 North at SR-37 to Mink St Rd, due to flooding.

Where is I-70 closed in Indianapolis?

During this closure, expected to last until June 2022, I-65 and I-70 between the North Split and Washington Street will be fully closed to all traffic. Here’s what else you need to know: Westbound and eastbound I-70 will be closed to through traffic, which will be routed around I-465.

Where is the South split in Indianapolis?

The current South Split project is the second recent one involving the I-65/I-70 interchange area in downtown Indianapolis. The first I-65/I-70 South Split Project on the east side of downtown Indianapolis was essentially completed in October 2013.

Is 65 North closed Indianapolis?

Travel in downtown Indianapolis will look different for the next 18 months because the I-65/I-70 north split is now closed until November 2022. If you’re coming downtown for an appointment at an IU Health facility, please plan ahead and allow extra time.

  • August 13, 2022