Is the kooples a luxury brand?

Is the kooples a luxury brand?

The Kooples belongs to the fast-growing segment of premium luxury brands.

What brand is the kooples?

The Kooples is a French fashion retailer. As of 2014, they had 321 outlets in Europe. As of mid-2017, the company had 30 points of sale in the United States, including Bloomingdale’s, and five stand-alone stores. The company was founded by brothers Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elicha.

What does the kooples mean?

the couples
Just under a decade ago, The Kooples – French slang for “the couples” – was launched by brothers Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elicha to provide men and women with elegant Parisian staples.

Do kooples shoes run small?

Kooples sizing is supposed to be french but it is off. Definitely runs small!

What is The Kooples known for?

Arriving in the UK in 2010, the Kooples was part of a wave of French fashion brands – such as Sandro and Maje – that invaded the British high street and became arguably the best known, thanks to their advertising onslaught showing ridiculously cool couples telling us how long they’d been together.

Is The Kooples unisex?

Created by the founders of Comptoir des cotonniers,The Kooples brand was made in 2008. The concept? A simple, black and white boutique, with almost unisex clothing, based on British rock style and with glamour couples as muses.

Is The Kooples a French brand?

Founded in 2008, The Kooples is a French fashion brand part of the MF Brands Group, offering accessible luxury collections to couples with strong personalities.

Why are they called kooples?

Nina Garcia: What’s the meaning behind the name? Alexandre Elicha: In French, couples sounds like “kooples.” We wanted a place you could shop with your boyfriend. Raphaël Elicha: We really believe that somebody wearing The Kooples (opens in new tab) will not stay single for long.

What style is kooples?

The expansion is starting off slow with just a few NYC and New Jersey Bloomingdales shop-in-shops, but trust us, with their contradictory-but-it-works blend of Parisian prep, rocker grunge, and hipster luxe, The Kooples are worth keeping an eye on no matter where you reside.

What is a kooples size 1?

The Kooples size

The Kooples size XS S
0 1
ITALY 40 42
US 4 6
JEANS 24/25 26/27

Where is the kooples clothing made?

The clothes themselves are made in Vietnam, Romania, China and India, though Alexandre stresses that the fabrics are mainly English and French. Kooples clothes are often described as unisex but each line is quite distinct, though they complement one another.

  • August 21, 2022