Is the EVGA GTX 960 good for gaming?

Is the EVGA GTX 960 good for gaming?

A pair of 960s is still a potent force, beating a GTX 980 in some benchmarks. But for beyond-1080p resolutions even two of 128-bit memory buses can’t help. As a mid-range 1080p gaming card the EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC performs exactly as you would expect it to.

Is GTX 960 4GB good for streaming?

Assuming you’re trying to play modern games at between 900p-1080p on low to medium settings you’ll be unable to effectively stream with a GTX 960. The lowest performing GPU I would recommend for streaming is a GTX 1660 Ti with the next step up and a more reasonable option being the RTX 2070 Super.

Is GTX 960 good for recording?

the 960 is good enough for 1920×1080 gaming between 40 and 75 fps, depending on the game. If you’re recording or live-streaming your game, you might want to take a half-step up to something like the R9 380X (which sits between the 960 and 970 in power), just to give some overhead.

How much is GTX 960 4GB?

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How old is the GTX 960?

GeForce 900 (9xx) series

Model Launch Launch price (USD)
GeForce GTX 960 January 22, 2015 $199
GeForce GTX 960 (OEM) November 6, 2015 OEM
GeForce GTX 970 September 18, 2014 $329

Can GTX 960 4GB run Cyberpunk 2077?

Low Vs Ultra GeForce GTX 960 Ti 4GB Performance Review After playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a GeForce GTX 960 Ti 4GB it will result in a passable 41 FPS. Which is at High settings on 1080p performance. Although Ultra 1440p might be a bit too much for this GPU, it would return 32 FPS on High graphics setting.

  • July 30, 2022