Is the Consumer Electronics Show still on?

Is the Consumer Electronics Show still on?

CES 2022 closes its hybrid show, touting 40,000 attendees despite many going digital. As the Las Vegas tech show concludes, you can replay its livestreams from Samsung, LG, GM and more here. Corinne Reichert (she/her) grew up in Sydney, Australia and moved to California in 2019.

Is CES the largest trade show?

Every year, the world’s biggest tech companies, start-ups and automakers give us a glimpse at how much more convenient and luxurious the near-future could be at CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show.

Is CES 2022 free?

Past attendees are eligible for discount pricing at future events. Alumni pricing for CES 2022 is now closed, and in-person registration for alumni is the standard $300 as of December 9, 2021.

Is CES still going ahead?

The consumer electronics show, which hosts thousands of exhibitors, large and small, is still due to go ahead between 5 and 8 January. “CES will and must go on,” Gary Shapiro, president and chief executive of the CTA, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Certainly, it will be different from previous years.

Where Will CES 2023 be held?

Las Vegas2023 International CES / Location

How much do CES tickets cost?

For general attendees, registration is $100 through December 20 and will increase to $300 on December 21. Registration for approved and credentialed media is always free.

Can public attend CES?

CES is not open to the general public, as this is a trade-only event. Only those who are 18 years and above with associations with the consumer electronics industry can attend the event.

Is Sony a CES 2022?

Sony will exhibit at CESĀ® 2022, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada and online from Wednesday, January 5 (PST).

Can the general public go to CES?

How much CES cost?

From CES’s website: CES remains a trade-only event and is not open to the general public. Industry professionals are encouraged to register in advance to ensure quicker review time and processing on-site. For general attendees, registration is $100 through December 20 and will increase to $300 on December 21.

Do you have to be vaccinated to go to CES?

CES attendees must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination in order to pick up a CES 2022 badge. Attendees must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or World Health Organization (WHO).

How much does a ticket to CES cost?

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