Is SSTO possible?

Is SSTO possible?

To date, no Earth-launched SSTO launch vehicles have ever been flown; orbital launches from Earth have been performed by either fully or partially expendable multi-stage rockets.

How does an air breathing engine work?

An airbreathing jet engine (or ducted jet engine) is a jet engine that ejects a propelling (reaction) jet of hot exhaust gases after first taking in atmospheric air, followed by compression, heating and expansion back to atmospheric pressure through a nozzle.

What is SSTO KSP?

From Kerbal Space Program Wiki. This tutorial explains how to build a single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) spaceplane that is able to launch into space and return without jettisoning any parts.

Is a spaceplane possible?

Three types of spaceplanes have successfully launched to orbit, reentered Earth’s atmosphere, and landed: the Space Shuttle, Buran, and the X-37. Another, Dream Chaser, is under development. As of 2019 all past, current, and planned orbital vehicles launch vertically on a separate rocket.

What is a 2 stage rocket?

A two-stage-to-orbit (TSTO) or two-stage rocket launch vehicle is a spacecraft in which two distinct stages provide propulsion consecutively in order to achieve orbital velocity. It is intermediate between a three-stage-to-orbit launcher and a hypothetical single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) launcher.

What is the difference between air breathing and non air-breathing engines?

Air-breathing engines use oxygen from the atmosphere in the combustion of fuel. They include the turbojet, turboprop, ramjet, and pulse-jet. The term jet is generally used only in reference to air-breathing engines. Nonair-breathing engines carry an oxygen supply.

Why can’t airplanes fly in airless place?

If an airplane flies in space, it won’t be able to suck in fresh air with which to supply its engines, resulting in loss of propulsion. The bottom line is that airplanes can’t fly in space because there is no air in space. Airplanes rely on air to produce both lift and propulsion.

What is a 4 stage rocket?

The four-stage-to-orbit launch system is a rocket system used to attain Earth orbit. The spacecraft uses four distinct stages to provide propulsion consecutively in order to achieve orbital velocity. It is intermediate between a five-stage-to-orbit launcher and a three-stage-to-orbit launcher.

What Estes rocket goes the highest?

The Mongoose
The Mongoose is a two stage rocket that builds into one over the top, high performance rocket! Soars to astonishing heights of over 1,600 feet using the Estes standard model rocket engines.

Do jet engines work on Duna?

Only your home planet of Kerbin and Jool’s moon Laythe have an oxygen-rich atmosphere, which means that jet engines will only work on these two planets. If you fly to Duna, for example, it just won’t work.

Why does my plane wobble KSP?

You main problem is your landing gear. DO NOT ANGLE THEM! And also place them further apart. Angled landing gear create rotational force for whatever reason.

Why is a jet engine called an air-breathing engine?

A jet engine sucks air in the front and then pushes it out the back. This is called an air-breathing engine. A jet engine uses a lot of gas. The air going through the engine can turn a propeller or a fan.

  • September 28, 2022