Is Porsche Connect free?

Is Porsche Connect free?

Porsche Car Connect Subscription Cost There is a subscription charge for most of the Porsche Connect services. The Porsche Car Connect subscription cost will vary based on the model of your car and which package you choose, though most packages are free for at least the first year. Prices start at $230 per year.

What is Porsche Navigation plus?

With Navigation Plus, you will always find the fastest route to your destination – thanks to Real-Time Traffic Information. In this way, you and your Porsche can respond to live traffic conditions at all times.

Does Porsche Connect include Navigation?

After a year, you will lose any service for which an internet connection with the car is necessary unless you renew Porsche Connect. This includes traffic data, etc. This does NOT include the Nav unit; it will always work because it relies on GPS data, not internet data.

Can you update Porsche navigation system?

For navigation systems built before 2012, Porsche may not offer any further updates than 2015. Dealer installation is required. Also comes with the latest software and map updates available. For most cars, you’re just receiving a software license.

What are the benefits of Porsche Connect?

With Car Control, drivers can check their vehicle’s status, including oil, fuel, and tire pressure levels, as well as electric battery charge, from their smartphones. In the event of a breakdown, Porsche connect gives drivers the ability to send their location and other relevant information to Porsche Assistance.

What do I get with Porsche Connect?

Available Porsche Connect Features

  1. Send destination directions to your car before you leave.
  2. Check the traffic, news and weather.
  3. Find points of interest, hotels, parking lots, charging stations, restaurants, etc.
  4. Find your vehicle’s location and direct you to it.
  5. Check fuel or oil level or tire pressure on smartphone.

What is included in Porsche Connect Plus?

Porsche Connect Plus also provides you with an LTE phone module with SIM card reader and wireless internet access, keeping you fully connected no matter where you’re headed. Use your mobile device as well, and you’re open to a whole new world of connectivity.

Does Porsche connect remote start?

I was incredibly surprised to learn that remote start is not available using Porsche Car Connect.

Does Porsche have CarPlay?

From 2017 until 2022, buyers have seen Porsche 718 models equipped with Apple CarPlay®. Whether you want the 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman or the 718 Spyder, you will enjoy the rush of the wind through your hair and all of your favorite iOS apps at your fingertips.

How long does Porsche Connect last?

three years
The Porsche Connect package is included for a period of three years with the Taycan. The periods vary depending on the Porsche model and the package desired.

What does Porsche Connect Plus include?

What Does Porsche Connect Plus do? Porsche Connect Plus allows you to control features in your car with your mobile device. Easily play your favorite playlists with Apple CarPlay™ capability, and you can track your car’s performance with the Porsche Track Precision App.

How do I activate my Porsche Connect?

Once you have handed the installation code to your authorized Porsche dealer, the product will be activated before delivering your vehicle. Next, install the Porsche Car Connect app on your smartphone and connect to your Porsche vehicle. Once connected, you will automatically be sent an activation code by text.

Can you remote start with Porsche Connect?

How do I access Porsche WiFi?

Connected Car Wi-Fi (Porsche) – View Network Name and Password

  1. From the vehicle’s head unit, tap the. Home icon. . Icon turns blue when selected.
  2. Tap. Devices. .
  3. Tap the. Menu icon. .
  4. Tap. Wi-Fi Settings. .
  5. Tap. Configure Vehicle Hotspot. .
  6. View the the following: Name. Password.

How do you get WiFi on a Porsche?

Establish connection via WiFi hotspot (wire- less Internet access) in the PCM (SIM card is inserted in the PCM drive): a. Select Porsche Connect App e Config- ure WiFi hotspot in PCM in the Device Manager. b. Enter the WiFi access data of the PCM (Hotspot name and Hotspot password) in the cellphone WiFi settings.

Does Porsche have GPS tracking?

With the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System and the associated app, we offer you an innovative safety system with GPS-based monitoring. Make sure that your Porsche stays exactly where it belongs: close to you.

  • September 14, 2022