Is Pookode Lake man made?

Is Pookode Lake man made?

A major tourist destination in the district, Pookode is a natural freshwater lake nestling amid evergreen forests and mountain slopes at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level. It is 15 km away from Kalpetta. It is the smallest and highest altitude freshwater lake in Kerala.

Which lake is situated at highest place in Kerala?

Ans. Pookode Lake is the highest lake in Kerala with an altitude of 770 meters above sea level. It is a small natural freshwater lake that runs along with evergreen forests and mountain slopes.

Which is the second biggest lake in Kerala?

Vembanad is the longest lake in India, as well as the largest lake in the state of Kerala. With an area of 2033 square kilometers and a maximum length of 96.5 km, it is the second largest Ramsar site in India only after the Sunderbans in West Bengal….Vembanad.

Vembanad Lake
Designated 19 August 2002

Which is the cleanest lake in Kerala?

Here is the list of 16 Pristine Lakes in Kerala That You Should Definitely Visit

  • Sasthamkotta Lake, Kollam.
  • Pookot Lake, Wayanad.
  • Thekkady Lake, Thekkady.
  • Vadakkechira, Thrissur.
  • Kayamkulam Kayal, Kollam.
  • Elephant Lake , Munnar.
  • Edava Beach, Varkala. 3.2 /5.
  • Thiruvambadi Beach, Varkala. 3.2 /5.

In which district of Kerala is Pookode Lake?


Country India
State Kerala
District Wayanad

Which is the octopus shaped lake in Kerala?

Ashtamudi Lake
Ashtamudi Lake (Ashtamudi Kayal), in the Kollam District of the Indian state of Kerala, is the most visited backwater and lake in the state. It possesses a unique wetland ecosystem and a large palm-shaped (also described as octopus-shaped) water body, second only in size to the Vembanad estuary ecosystem of the state.

Which lake in Kerala is in the shape of F?

Sasthamcotta Lake

Sasthamkotta Lake
Sasthamkotta Lake
Sasthamkotta Lake
Location Kollam, Kerala
Coordinates 9.03°N 76.63°E

Which is the largest freshwater in Kerala?

Sasthamcotta Lake
Sasthamcotta Lake is also Kerala’s largest freshwater lake.

Which is the pure water lake in Kerala?

Sasthamkotta Lake
Sasthamcotta Lake or Sasthamkotta Lake, also categorized as a wetland, is the largest fresh water lake in Kerala, a state of India on the south of the West Coast. The lake is named after the ancient Sastha temple (a pilgrimage centre) located on its bank….Sasthamcotta Lake.

Sasthamkotta Lake
Reference no. 1212

Is Kuruvadweep open now 2021?

Kuruva Island timings The island opens for visitors at 9 AM and remains open till 4 PM. However, one can visit this island only between October to May as it closes during Monsoon.

What is backwater lake?

A backwater is part of a river where little or no current flows. Backwaters can result in the creation of swamps or shallow lakes, particularly along the meanders of old rivers. In other cases, backwaters may simply be due to recent flooding, or a temporary obstruction, such as a natural or artificial dam.

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