Is Pocket Planes coming to Android?

Is Pocket Planes coming to Android?

The other games have since been relaunched on the Google Play Store by NimbleBit themselves, and on April 19, 2021, it was announced that a new Android port of Pocket Planes was in development. On March 17, 2022, NimbleBit re-released Pocket Planes to the Google Play Store.

Is Pocket Planes still supported?

Pocket Planes is no longer available on the Android platform. We have no current plans to port the iOS versions to Android. A future sequel or major update could possibly support Android though.

How do you get rare planes in Pocket Planes?

The aircraft in this category are considered to be Rare. This is because they can only be unlocked from awards from Flight Crew Events, thorugh completeing special jobs, or trading.

How many planes can you have in Pocket Planes?

At the start of the game players are given four Planes, and a slot for one more.

How do you get a new plane in Pocket Planes?

Adding new planes to your airline is a great way to increase your cash flow. Unfortunately you can’t buy new planes with coins. You have to use “Bux.” Bux are earned by leveling up or by transporting special passengers and cargo. You can also earn Bux by tapping them as they fly past your planes at random intervals.

Can you own every airport in Pocket Planes?

Yes. Going by the level up bonus available in the most current update of the game, you receive 2 new airports every time you level up.

How many cities are in Pocket Planes?

The following is a list of all of the airports in Pocket Planes, in alphabetical order. There are 251 total airports in Pocket Planes.

What are jobs in Pocket Planes?

Jobs are usually Regular Cargo and Regular passengers, called Bitizens. If you build more airports farther away from each other, Jobs may have payment in Bux. The further the destination is, the more the bitizen/cargo will be paying. In global events, a job will appear with its name and destination in blue.

How do you beat Pocket Planes?

Pocket Planes guide: How to build the best airline

  1. Always fly full!
  2. Spread your wings!
  3. Fly straight!
  4. Start a sister airline.
  5. Use layovers.
  6. Upgrade your planes.
  7. Collect parts instead of building whole planes.
  8. Shutter airports.
  • August 14, 2022