Is Air and Space magazine discontinued?

Is Air and Space magazine discontinued?

The annual subscription of Air & Space magazine (and digital edition App) is no longer available.

How do I change my address for Smithsonian?

Please call 800-931-3226 or email us at [email protected] to change your address or other contact information for your membership record.

How often is Air and Space magazine published?

Air & Space/Smithsonian is a quarterly magazine published by the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., United States. Its first publication was in April 1986. Articles in the magazine involve topics related to aviation and space travel, historical and current.

Is Air Classics magazine still published?

This last Monday, the May issue of AIR CLASSICS shipped to Barnes and Noble and the many other retailers that handle the publication. Because they are closed, the magazines were “pulped” – destroyed before even being put on magazine racks.

How do I contact the Smithsonian magazine?

Smithsonian Magazine

  1. Web: Change or update your membership information.
  2. Email: [email protected].
  3. Phone: 800.766.2149.

WHO publishes Air and Space magazine?

Smithsonian InstitutionAir & Space/Smithsonian / Publisher

How do I get to the Smithsonian Magazine?

Download the FREE Smithsonian magazine app including a FREE sample now! Subscriptions and single copies are available for purchase within the app. Smithsonian Magazine brings history, science, nature, culture and travel to you: Explore history and archaeology from the Sphinx to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

Who reads Smithsonian magazine?

Circulation: 1,025,000 subscribing households Men/Women: 48%/52% Audience: 4,007,000 readers Median HHI: $85,806 Age 55+: 90% Median Age: 67 Smithsonian’s 55+ edition is a targeted edition with circulation delivered to 1,025,000 adults who are 55 or over in subscribing households.

Is the Smithsonian magazine worth it?

Over a dataset of 1,000 articles, Smithsonian Magazine scored an average Factual Grade of 84.5%. This grade is well above the average of 61.9% for all 245 news sources that we analyzed. In fact, the publication received the second-highest average score in the entire dataset.

Is the Smithsonian magazine free?

Who is the intended audience for Smithsonian magazine?

The Smithsonian Magazine’s mission statement is to “stir curiosity in already receptive minds.” Their target audience profile is a mature, educated, working professional. However, the magazine’s beautiful, relevant content has the potential to reach a much broader audience.

Is there a digital version of Smithsonian magazine?

Can I get only the digital edition of Smithsonian magazine? Yes, you can buy the digital edition without receiving the print edition by downloading the Smithsonian magazine app from the Apple app store for your phone or tablet device and following the subscription instructions inside the app.

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