Is a CR2016 battery the same as a CR2032?

Is a CR2016 battery the same as a CR2032?

CR2016 and CR2032 may vary in thickness, but they are identical in several ways. They’re both 3-volt versions, and none of them is rechargeable. However, it is important to remember that there are variations in ability. CR 2032 has a capacity of 240 mAh, while CR2016 has a capacity of just 90 mAh.

Is there a replacement battery for CR2016?

What battery can replace CR2016? Lithium 3.0V batteries that are labeled as ECR2016, DL2016, E-CR2016, SB-T11, 5000LC and similar can replace CR2016 batteries since they are different labels for the same battery – CR2016 battery.

How long does a CR2016 battery last?

Tech Specs

Product code CR-2016EL
Voltage 3V
Diameter 20 mm
Weight 1,7 g
Shelf Life 10 years

Is CR2016 the same as CR2025?

Both batteries have the same 20mm diameter and are 3V, so in theory, they are interchangeable. However, they have different thicknesses. The CR2016 is 1.6 mm thick and the CR2025 is 2.5 mm thick.

What does CR2016 mean?

CR2032, a CR2016 is 1.6 millimeters thick, and a CR2032 is 3.2 millimeters thick. The last two numbers on any CR battery tell you the thickness in millimeters.

What is the difference between CR and BR batteries?

CR type batteries are slightly less robust than the BR type when exposed to temperatures at the high end of the operating temperature range and can experience a rapid increase in self-discharge at the high end of its temperature rating.

What size battery does my Timex watch take?

Energizer 2032 Batteries, Lithium CR2032 Watch Battery, 6 Count.

What is the meaning of the battery code CR2016?

3V lithium manganese dioxide battery
The ‘CR’ code means it is a 3V lithium manganese dioxide battery, with the number standing for the dimensions. CR2016 batteries are 20mm in diameter and 1.6mm in thickness. You’ll find an extensive selection of CR2016 batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers including Duracell, Panasonic and Varta.

What is the difference between a BR2032 battery and a CR2032 battery?

The main difference between these two types resides in their electrode. While similar, the BR2032 uses carbon monofluoride as the positive electrode. The CR2032 uses manganese dioxide for the positive electrode.

What do the numbers on a coin cell battery mean?

The numbers following the first two letters are an indication of the battery’s dimensions. Diameter in millimeters is indicated by the first two, in a four digit code, or just the first in a three digit code. The last two numbers indicate the height of the battery in tenths of a millimeter.

How long do coin batteries last in use?

Silver Oxide: 3 years (after production) Lithium coin: 10 years (after production) Lithium for camera: 7 years (after production)

Whats the difference between 2032 and 2025?

2032 and 2025 are literally the dimensions of the battery. A 2032 is 20mm in diameter, 3.2mm thick, and a 2025 is slightly thinner, at 2.5mm thick. They usually both have the same voltage (3V), and assuming they fit in the case, they are interchangeable.

  • August 18, 2022