How much is a Suzuki 50 worth?

How much is a Suzuki 50 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $2,049 $1,740
Total Price $2,049 $1,740

What year did they make the LT50?

We just happen to own a 1985 LT50 that is still going strong after being in the hands of countless kids with aspirations on being the next big Desert Racer……Suzuki’s new LTA50 Quadmaster. A new standard for “50cc kid’s quads”.

Front brake Drum brake
Rear brake Drum brake

Is a Suzuki LT50 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

There are three types of Suzuki LT50s. If yours is a four stroke it can only be an LTZ. The bodywork changed for the 2010 model so if you order from 2007 to 2009 you will get the right parts.

Does the Suzuki z50 have reverse?

Both models feature identical 90cc, 4 stroke engines, a CVT transmission with Forward, Neutral, and Reverse, a single A-arm front suspension, and a swingarm rear suspension.

How much is a Suzuki lt125 worth?


Excellent $1,475
Very Good $735
Good $545
Fair $360
Poor N/A

How much does a Suzuki LT50 weigh?

Without any passengers or cargo on board, the Suzuki LT-Z50 weighs 167.6 lbs. You get what you pay for. maintenance of the old LT50. of engine oil and 16.9 oz.

What is an LT50?

LT50 is the median Lethal Time (time until death) after exposure of an organism to a toxic substance or stressful condition. LT50 is commonly used in toxicology studies to quantify amount of a stressor necessary to kill an organism.

Is the Suzuki z50 2 stroke?

Built for Young Riders The 49cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with an easy-to-operate CVT (continuously variable transmission) makes more torque available at lower speed for easy control, and lets the engine run slower for smooth, quiet performance.

Is the KFX 50 a 2 stroke?

Give young riders the right start on the youth-sized KFX®50 ATV. The air-cooled four-stroke engine comes to life with the push of a button to deliver smooth and reliable power.

Does z50 have electronic shutter?

As you’d expect, the Z50 offers an all electronic shutter mode, however its top speed is also limited to 1/4,000. An electronic front-curtain shutter option is also provided. And its metering range of -4 to +17EV actually bests both, at the bottom end of the range, as the Z6 and Z7 had a metering range of -3 to +17EV.

How do I change the shutter speed on my z50?

To choose a shutter speed, rotate the main command dial. Shutter speed can be set to values between 30 s and 1/4000 s.

How fast does a Suzuki 50 Quad go?

THE KEYS TO FUN A speed-limiter collar in the automatic clutch holds the Z90’s top speed to 15 mph, but it accelerates and climbs well. Our teen riders liked the comfort and the handling, and they didn’t feel like they would grow bored with it. The speed limiter can be removed after the rider gains ability.

How much is a 1983 Suzuki LT125 worth?

A 1983 Suzuki Quadrunner LT125 would cost anywhere from $465 to $2,575.

How much is a Suzuki lt230 worth?


Excellent $1,610
Very Good $835
Good $475
Fair $230
Poor N/A

How wide is a lt50?

30.3 inches
The primitive little bikes The body of the ATV measures 30.3 inches in width, 30.1 inches in height and 50 inches in length. Compact 49cc, 2 stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with provide strong braking performance.

How wide is a LT50?

Do Suzuki still make quads?

The Suzuki QuadSport Z50 is an easy-to-ride and safe way for kids to have fun on four wheels! The entry level four-stroke minibike in Suzuki’s Fun ATV range. Tackling tight corners and rough terrain for junior adventurers will be a breeze with the QuadSport Z50’s smooth, quiet and plenty powerful build.

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