How much is a blue wiener dog?

How much is a blue wiener dog?

What’s the Price of Blue Dachshund Puppies? Things can get a little dicey in the price department if you aren’t sure what to expect. For the AKC marketplace, the average cost of a dachshund is $1,500 for a puppy. However, the baseline average is $600 for the breed.

How much are blue dapple Dachshunds?

between $400 and $1,500
The price to purchase a Dapple Dachshund from one of the breeders in your area can vary. Breeders may charge anywhere between $400 and $1,500. Due to their unique markings, Dapple Dachshunds are often more expensive than a standard Dachshund.

What is a blue Dachshund called?

They have long, sausage-like bodies that are low to the ground owing to their tiny legs. Their chest is broad and their body surprisingly muscular and athletic. Blue Dachshunds come in two sizes — standard and miniature….The Physical Traits of Blue Dachshunds.

Size Standard Miniature
New owner friendly Yes

What is a blue dapple Dachshund?

A dapple Dachshund is a Dachshund with a dapple pattern on its coat. Dapple puppies are created when a solid colour Dachshund is bred with a dapple Dachshund. The markings look unusual and distinctive, which is why the dapple coat is so popular.

What is a blue or Isabella Dachshund?

Isabella Blue Dachshund. The Blue Isabella Dachshund has a coat color that is not really blue but grayish metallic. The Blue and Isabella Dachshunds can have nails and a nose that is gray or black. Size can either be standard or mini like the Isabella Blue Mini Dachshund.

What is a lilac Dachshund?

What is an Isabella dachshund? Isabella dachshunds have fawn tinged coats. They’re generally referred to as lilacs or fawns. Their nails, pads and noses are brown. Breeders achieve the lilac tone by breeding a recessive gene to dilute the chocolate colouring in the dachshund’s coat.

What is a Merle Dachshund?

Also known as merle, the word “dapple” is used to describe the pattern of spotting on a Dachshunds coat. This means that Dapple Dachshunds can come in a variety of colors including: Black and tan dapple. Black and cream dapple.

What is Isabella colour Dachshund?

An Isabella Dachshund is a light brown or fawn-colored Dachshund that carries a recessive gene from both parents that diminishes the chocolate color of their fur. Their entire body may be of one color and some may exhibit some patterns of cream or tan mixed in.

  • September 3, 2022