How long does it take to get through the haunted corn maze?

How long does it take to get through the haunted corn maze?

About the Maze For starters, there’s a massive corn maze, which will take nearly thirty minutes to complete, as well as a scare zone, and other frightful surprises.

Where is terror in the corn?

Andrew Montoya with team Hauntarama with interviews the Terror In The Corn crew at Anderson Farms in Colorado to discuss changes, continuing policies, and what to expect from for 2021.

Is the haunted hayride worth it?

Absolutely incredible production value. Definitely something you’d only see in Hollywood. Totally worth the money. Really enjoyed the haunted hayride.

Can they touch you at Terror in the corn?

No. Our actors will not touch you once inside the attraction. We also ask that YOU do not touch our actors.

What happens if you can’t get out of a corn maze?

Some corn mazes hand out flags to signal employees when the visitor is totally lost and ready to be led out of the maze. Others have watch towers, call boxes and corn cops that will render assistance to you. Or ask other patrons the way.

Why is there no 13th floor in hotels?

Simply because the number has negative connotations for some superstitious guests, who might be reluctant to stay on floor 13, or in any room ending in “13”. In some hotels the 13th floor is known as 12A, but more often it is omitted.

What do you wear to Terror in the Corn?

In order for you to have the best experience possible, we recommend groups no larger than 6. We generally try to break up groups any larger than that. Can I wear a costume? Yes, you can wear a costume through Terror in the Corn, however we do not allow full costume masks that hide your face.

How old do you have to be to work at Terror in the Corn?

A good portion of the actors are in high school and are around 16 or above, but Terror in the Corn also hosts plenty of actors who are up to 50 and 60 years old.

  • August 2, 2022