How fast is a C7 Corvette 0 to 60?

How fast is a C7 Corvette 0 to 60?

C7s also received a reworked exterior body and an upgraded V-8 engine under the hood that sends 2014 models from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, 2015 models in 3.1 seconds and 2019 ZR1 models in three seconds flat. The 2017 edition’s getup is slightly more sluggish, at 3.9 seconds.

How much HP does a C7 Corvette have?

650 Horsepower. 650 lb-ft Torque.

How much is a C7 worth?

A: The average price of a Chevrolet Corvette – C7 is $108,063.

How can I make my C7 Corvette faster?

If you use your C7 as an everyday car, start with smaller mods to increase horsepower before going right into a supercharger kit. If you race or know you’ll want a lot more horsepower right off the bat, adding a supercharger kit will give you the horsepower you need.

Is C7 Corvette reliable?

The 2017 model year was rated three out of five, and the 2019 received a five out of five. The 2021 Corvette has a predicted reliability rating of two out of five.

Is the Corvette C7 a muscle car?

Bassam Kronfli, Evo Middle East’s Editor-in-chief echoed that statement, adding, “The seventh-generation Corvette is more than a match for its sports car rivals – with vastly improved aerodynamic design and handling. It is truly a muscle car through and through.”

What kind of engine does a 2014 C7 Corvette have?

2014 C7 Corvette Model: 2014 Corvette Generation: C7 Corvette Type: Two Door Coupe, Two Door Convertible Available Colors: Arctic White, Black, Blade Silver, Cryst Engine: LT1, 376C.I., 6.2L OHV 16-valve V8

What is the weight balance of the C7 Corvette?

The lighter engine is nestled into a Corvette platform featuring a longer wheelbase and, as a result, the C7 Corvette has a “near perfect” 50/50 weight balance front and rear. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

What kind of fuel system does a 2014 Chevy Corvette have?

2014 “LT-1” 6.2L V-8 VVT DI (LT1) Direct Injection Fuel System for Chevrolet Corvette The web has been buzzing about the possibility of Chevrolet adding a turbocharged V-6 to the Corvette range, in a bid to boost economy and lower curb-weight without sacrificing performance.

When did the 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray come out?

January 13, 2013: Chevrolet unveiled the all-new 2014 C7 Chevy Corvette Stingray at the Detroit Auto Show. The car, which had been kept carefully concealed by Chevrolet since their announcement that a seventh-generation Corvette was under development, was revealed to the world over a live internet feed.

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