How does Inergen extinguish fire?

How does Inergen extinguish fire?

INERGEN agent extinguishes fire by lowering the oxygen content below the level that supports combustion. When INERGEN agent is discharged into a room, it introduces the proper mixture of gases that still allow a person to breathe in a reduced oxygen atmosphere.

What is Inergen cylinder?

INERGEN is a breathable gaseous extinguishing agent based on mixtures of various inert type gases.

Is Inergen fire suppression safe?

Safe for People INERGEN agent is nontoxic and doesn’t produce corrosive decomposition products. Halocarbon (chemical) alternatives can create dangerous levels of hydrogen fluoride in the presence of fire. INERGEN agent is safe for people in a number of other ways.

Can you breathe Inergen?

The extinguishing principle utilised by INERGEN ® is called oxygen displacement. The purpose of oxygen displacement is to reduce the oxygen level in the protected area so that the fire cannot “breathe”. Inergen consists solely of gases that occur naturally in the atmosphere and is completely harmless to humans.

Who manufactures INERGEN?

The INERGEN Fire Suppression System, manufactured by Tyco, is an engineered clean-agent system utilizing a fixed nozzle agent distribu-tion network. The system is designed and installed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 2001, ”Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.

What is the meaning of FM200?

FM200 is a non-flammable gas used for fire suppression. It doesn’t damage electronic products, used correctly it’s safe for people to breathe in and can be used in an enclosed space, making it ideal for colocation data centres.

Who manufactures Inergen?

Is Inergen gas harmful?

The component gases of the INERGEN mixture are non-toxic.

Is INERGEN gas harmful to humans?

Inergen is an inert gas which is used as a fire suppressant based on the principal of oxygen depletion. In an enclosed space Inergen reduces the oxygen concentration to around 12.5% which is considered to be an acceptable level for human exposure over short periods provided the system is correctly designed.

Is INERGEN gas harmful?

Is INERGEN an inert gas?

The Inergen gaseous system is an inert gas fire suppressant consisting of natural gases and extinguishes fire without causing harm to people, property or the environment.

What is FM-200 stand for?

FM200 is the commercial name given to it by its makers, DuPont. Its technical name is ‘heptafluoropropane’ and it is a colourless, odourless halocarbon.

What is FM-200 fire extinguisher?

FM-200™, also commonly known as HFC-227ea, is a clean agent fire suppressant for Class A, B, and C fires and meets NFPA Standard 2001 Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. Clean agents are fast and effective in suppressing fires, are safe in occupied spaces, and do not leave a residue.

  • October 4, 2022